It’s bad enough that I’ve put a picture here of my very private and social-media-hating father, so if I know what’s good for me, he will remain nameless, too.  While we are the soul of this plan, my Dad is definitely the brains of the operation.  An avid RVer, he has been instrumental with teaching us the ins and outs of how to make the whole thing possible, and helping us actually get out on the road.  He’s a former engineer who loves nothing better than to troll the interwebs for data for us.  I’m just as likely to get an email from him about a new blog he found as an article discussing the pros and cons of surge brakes.  Finally, my Dad absolutely tells it like it is.  I never worry that he’s withholding an opinion or letting me go on with a fallacy in my head.  I thought he was the worst father in the world when I was a teenager, but somehow in the last 15 years, he got really smart!


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