About the plan

The plan was hatched in August, 2012, when I was on vacation.  My partner and I had a lovely week traveling, and then I had a week in the house by myself before I had to go back to work.  Except, I couldn’t fathom actually having to GO. BACK. TO. WORK!  At first, I thought it was just end-of-vacation doldrums, but then I spent a day just sitting in my backyard and feeling whatever came up.  And I realized that I really did need to make a change, and not going back to work was just the start of it.  I very much had the sense that if what I was doing was the plan for the next 30 years, I didn’t care if I kept doing it or no.  I don’t mean to imply that I was suicidal, but rather that I just didn’t care about the way my life was going.  I was BORED!

Inspiration hit like lightening: what do I want to do?  What DOES excite me?  I had the answer right away: travel!

I kicked all sorts of ideas around in my head of how I could make this happen; everything was a way to work less and live more.  I made a long list of possibilities, saving the craziest, and most insane for last: live and work mobilely in an RV.  I had a long phone conversation with my Dad and laid out the whole thing to the most practical man in the universe.  I went down my list, saving the RV idea for the final idea.  I was shocked when he agreed that it was a fine idea, in fact, my best of the whole list!  This is the story of how it goes!


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