Southwest Tragicomedy

Where: still in Tucson. Read on, intrepid reader.

What’s up, you say? Well, I have some info for you, but first let me start with a a true story that happened to us to set the scene. Last week, JJ and I were out for a walk, headed through a park and over a footbridge that leads to the bike path near us. As we neared the bridge, like a gang of trolls, a pack of dogs ran at us, barking furiously. They came at us menacingly, really angry. The most bizarre part was the makeup of the group: two miniature poodles and a chihuahua. I thought for sure that an owner would pop around the corner, apologizing for their naughty puppies, and then corral them so that we could be on our way. Instead, they kept advancing, and I thought they might try to bite us. We decided to turn around and head another way, and we passed a van of a homeless guy who hangs out in the park. He had seen the whole thing, and it really made him mad. “Those damn dogs were around my van earlier,” he growled, “and someone needs to teach them a lesson!” And with that, he jumped out of his van, brandishing a baseball bat like a samurai sword, and ran for the pack whooping like a madman. I was torn between wanting him to have a good whack at the beasts, and feeling sorry for potential dog abuse. Luckily, he was pretty ungainly, and he just chased them back and forth across the bridge until they finally ran away. He watched them dash away, gave a quick nod like a sheriff who just took down the bad guy and sauntered back to his van. JJ and I just looked at each other and said, “Did that actually just happen?!”

The rest of our week has been similarly juxtapositioned, with a lot of crazy combinations. First, we put in immediate notice with the tamale job and started making preparations to go home.  For reasons too complex to go into here, plans changed before we even started on the trip. So, we are no longer returning to Ohio at this time.  And that meant that we were back in the market for a job, with only a couple weeks before Christmas. JJ offered to be the sacrificial lamb, and took a holiday job with the Target Distribution Center, which promised oodles of overtime, with 12 hour days. I had heard that the park we’re in was looking for another office person, and I got an on-the-spot offer for work through the end of January in exchange for a free site and a small stipend. I feel like long parts of our year plod along without much happening, and then we had a couple months worth of excitement in one week.

We still feel like we’re recovering from a lot of ups and downs in a short period, so I’ll make this short and end with some pretty pictures. Hopefully next week we’ll be back to regularly schedule programming!



5 thoughts on “Southwest Tragicomedy

      • Guessing you’re not gonna be getting the mid-west snow until the end of January? Best of luck getting some. We’re gonna be in Parker, Az from the end of January through the middle of April if you’re gonna be anywhere near there. Love to see you guys again. Be good still, enjoy the jobs.

      • We have no idea which way the wind is going to blow us for the rest of the winter season, but if we are in your part of the world we will be sure to say hello! 🙂

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