4th of (whew!) July

Where: our summer job at Rock Creek Lakes Resort

Wow! What a weekend!  All those customers that were missing in action over the last couple weeks seemed to show up at the same time in the days leading up to the 4th.  July 3 was one of the craziest days I’ve seen at the Resort, with loads and loads of customers from the moment we opened until the door finally shut.  When lunch service ended at 3, the restaurant crew let out a big sigh and just shook our heads at the messy state of the kitchen.  I feel like I still haven’t recovered from that day, so this will be a short one!

We had some extra reinforcements in the house this week, with Casey, a veteran crew member, back at the grill for the holiday weekend. She’s a founding member of the Polar Bear Cub Club, so of course, a lake jump was inevitable. I just couldn’t muster the oomph to jump in myself, but in a land with no internet, I’m always up for the entertainment of watching.  I’ve decided that the time to take pictures is not when folks are actually flinging themselves in the drink; that makes for a dull series of pictures of tiny figures against a vast watery backdrop. The fun shots are the before and after, especially when the wind is cold enough to require all kinds of strange combinations of jackets, hats and towels.

I did enjoy the contrast between Casey and her husband, Kris. This might be the first time his shirt has been off all summer!

Casey looks like some sort of nun in this one:


Although there’s a whole lot of area to explore in the Eastern Sierra, we’ve found ourselves in June Lake the last couple weeks. It’s such a charming part of the mountains that feels like a little slice of Switzerland. It’s a nice vacation spot, but never feels overrun with tourists. So, even though we had recently spent time there, when Luka proposed an outing to the Hawaiian food truck and the beach, we happily agreed. We walked around Gull Lake, past classic summer cottages and through a wonderland of geology from the time of glaciers. After too much food, we lounged in the sun at June Lake Beach and watched families play in the uber-blue water. It was a perfectly relaxing summer day!

Luka took a picture of the picture-taking:

Hot enough to swim, and snow covered mountains in the background:

After the bustle of the past weekend, this will be a short blog post.  Instead of words, please enjoy a lovely collection of photos from around the resort, and I’ll be back next week with tales of excitement!