Serendipity and the season begins

Where: finally experiencing a summer atmosphere at our summer job at Rock Creek Lakes Resort

A couple weeks ago, I received a very intriguing email. Luka wrote that she had been following my blog for years, and was in the Bishop area for a few days. She was in the market for a summer job, and by chance, would the Resort need another set of hands? As luck would have it, we did need exactly one more person, and Luka is the newest crew member.

Luka originally hails from Vermont (that’s a total of two people from that state working here right now) but she’s made her home in Portland for the past 20 years. She’s a part-time van dweller, and has driven cross-country for many summers to work at a produce market in Massachusetts. A change in ownership at the market meant that she was on the lookout for another summer gig, and she liked my descriptions of life at a small family business. She’s closer to our age than the rest of the crew, and we have a lot in common that makes for interesting conversation, so we’re really enjoying having her here. We share one of our days off with her, and we’re looking forward to some hiking and eating adventures with someone else!

With all the runoff coming from the melting snow, there are some particularly stunning waterfalls running right now. When we were in the June Lake Loop a few weeks ago, we noticed that the regularly placid Horsetail Falls was practically a Niagara Falls. Last week, we took the hike that leads past the falls for a better look. We managed to get about halfway up the trail when we encountered a stream crossing that would normally be super easy, with a metal beam in place to walk across and keep your feet dry. Now, though, the creek is battering the beam, washing over it furiously, and just 10 feet downstream is a 100 foot drop off to go over if you slip. I cried uncle, and we instead sat by the creek, watching scampering salamanders and enjoying the big falls across the valley.

Rock Creek Lake continues to be high as well, and our gangplank to the docks is still underwater. The other morning, the canyon was completely still, and gorgeous for some photography. From a distance, the lake didn’t look too high, but when you get up close, the pathway to the docks just looks like a ghost figure.

In past years, this has just been a dry field:

Summer is definitely here for the Resort, with all the campgrounds open, and the trailhead finally accessible. Last weekend, we featured our first happy hour of the season, on Friday from 3-5, and had big crowds for the event. It was the first day that was really long and busy, and Brock and I were totally bushed when we finished the day at 7:30. It’s a short season up here, but it’s intense!

Even in the midst of lots of work, the crew got together for an evening game of wiffleball this week. Amy, the owner, is a huge devotee of the game, and tries to organize a couple games every year. We use pieces of firewood for bases, and most of the plays are interrupted by the dogs interfering with the ball. But, I never laugh so hard as I do at the shenanigans that come up from this simple entertainment!

A pretty good looking bunch of goobers:

Provided we make it through the weekend (the 4th already, can you believe it!), we’ll see you next week!


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