Water, water everywhere!

Where: At our summer job at Rock Creek Lakes Resort

I’m not sure how there is any water left anywhere else in the country, because it seems like all the water in the world is currently coming down from the mountains around us. Jim and Sue, the owners of the resort, recently did a snow survey on Piute Pass, just southwest of Bishop, and found some pretty impressive data. The snowpack was at 10 feet deep, and held the equivalent of 6 ½ feet of rain. If the high points around us are similar, there is an awful lot of moisture that’s yet to melt. There are new streams and waterfalls everywhere, and the lake is rising. The resort is not in any danger of high waters, but one of the campgrounds in the canyon is being closed because of flooding. It’s like Waterworld around here!

Behold the beauty of the parking lot cum stream bed:

JJ and I finally walked around the lake for the first time this season. It’s mostly clear of ice, but all the forested areas around it are full of deep snow. The campground on the backside is a long way from opening; campsites are either still under a couple feet of snow, or part of a huge delta of cold, fast-flowing water. Even if all the snow melts, I doubt the campground can open until the backcountry finishes shedding most of its snow and the runoff decreases. The patterns of melting ice did make some enchanting views of the lake, and it was fun to go all the way around and see nary another soul!

Who’s ready for a picnic?:

Rising lake eating the snow:

I love how the reflection of the mountain makes this look like a waterfall:

All this snow and water is really affecting the resort. Because the campgrounds and hiking trails are closed, we’re not getting nearly as many customers as usual. This weekend was the first of the season for the cafe, and we had only a handful of customers. Early June is normally a slower time, at least until schools get out across the state, but this year is markedly different from past years. It still feels like the pre-season, and not at all like the start of the summer!

First day of the cafe crew picture:

This will be a short one, because I’m really tired from getting up at “meow-o-clock” lately.  See, little Soupy just loves going outside while at the resort.  It’s probably her favorite place in the whole world.  The issue is, she starts begging to go out as soon as there’s the barest hint of daylight.  And being on the eastern edge of a time zone, that bit of light begins at about 4:30am.  So, in addition to my usual not sleeping from 2-4 am, Soupy is waking us up just after I’ve fallen back asleep.  I’ve been up from 2 am onwards a couple times recently thanks to her protests.  Good thing she’s cute, or she’d be in for it!

Stay tuned next week for tales of our first hiking adventure of the season!