Don’t bring Fritos, there won’t be dancing

Where: first full week of our summer job at Rock Creek Lakes Resort

The title of this blog post comes from a Saturday Night Live skit about a cancelled party that I always found hilarious. “Everybody, the party’s cancelled, we’re not having a party!”  And that’s pretty much what it was like to work in the general store of the resort this Memorial Weekend, when the whole of Southern California came up for fishing, hiking, and boating, and instead found themselves in a winter wonderland.  People clearly had not referred to any local conditions, which explains things like folks in shorts and t-shirts, asking about backcounty camping or hiking, and looking really confused when we told them about 6 feet of snow.   We also had to disappoint lots of potential cafe customers with the news that it wouldn’t be open until the following weekend.  It was definitely not the sort of opening weekend we’ve experienced in the prior two years, and it did not feel like the start of the summer season!

The good news is that snow around the resort is really melting, and we’re almost ready to fully open for the season. We finished shoveling paths to crucial areas, fixed lots of broken wooden things that the snow smashed, and we’re getting more cabins ready to rent.  So, even if the summer recreation options around us are still under snow, we will be able to offer food, hot showers, and lodging for customers.  The only part that’s going to be a while is boat rentals.  The lake is trying to break up, but these pictures taken a week apart show that it’s not happening very fast!

Our first co-worker arrived this week–Wyatt from Vermont.  Our favorite part about him is the fact that he’s 19, energetic and strong, and able to tackle the huge shoveling projects with gusto. Thanks to his efforts, we finally broke through the glacier along the back of the resort–this was a herculean effort!

Spring is trying to start at 10,000 feet. The aspens around us are just starting to bud, despite the fact that the base of the trunks are still under snow.


Since we’ve had a decently long time without something breaking on the RV, we were overdue for a problem. This time, it’s the car that has something funky going on. Our Subaru is eating coolant like crazy, and the shop we usually go to couldn’t find any leaks. We took her to a Subaru specialist that can handle any potential problem, but is perpetually backed up. We left the car at the shop last Wednesday, and she should be diagnosed today.  It might be 2 to 3 more weeks before the repair can be done, which is kind of a bummer, since we’re all ready for Eastern Sierra adventures. In the meantime, we do have another engine, so we drove the RV into Mammoth Lakes yesterday to go to JJ’s dentist appointment. And while we were out, we decided to stay the night at a campground on the way back to the resort. We love Crowley Lake Campground for great views all around, and for blazing fast internet.  It was also a real pleasure to not have any snow nearby, sleep with our windows open, and be able to walk on dry ground.

Front yard:

Back yard:

Til next week!


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