Last week road post cha-cha

Where: Our summer job at Rock Creek Lakes Resort, Bishop CA

My people, if you are looking for a carefully written missive on the glorious splendors of the American west, please refer to another of my prior posts. But, if you just want the quick and dirty version of our past week, read on. In a nutshell, we spent a couple nights in Eastern Nevada and hiked at a state park with my brother, drove into California, took care of dentist visits and car repairs, and had our first day of work at our summer job. Whew!

Here’s the photo version of events:

Cathedral Gorge State Park was full of crazy formations with deep chasms running through them. We had a great time with my brother, Steve, who was able to drive up from his home in Las Vegas to join us.

We also loved the quirky little town of Pioche, NV where we stayed in a free city RV park. The town was half ghost town and just barely populated, but full of cool sites, and rich with mining history.

On our way to California, we took the Extraterrestrial Highway, the one that runs past Area 51. We did not see any real aliens, but we did enjoy eating at Little A’le’inn and dodging cows on the 100 miles of open range highway.

For the past few days, we stayed at one of our favorite campgrounds just over the crest of the mountains from our resort. The weather was lousy, raining down in the valley, and snowing a couple inches at the resort, but it made for a great show from our living room window.

Yesterday, we went up the mountains to the resort to scope out our RV living options in the small area of the parking lot that was cleared. The amount of snow at 10,000 feet is unbelievable. There are piles 20 feet high from the plowing, and about 5-10 feet in areas that haven’t been cleared. We are the only employees for now, and it’s going to be a slow start to the summer season until some of the white death melts out. Most summer visitors are not looking to come up for skiing and snowshoeing!

We have a lot of shoveling in our future.  We’ll talk next week, providing we don’t eat it in a roof-related avalanche!


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