From the Sonoran to the Chihuahuan (Desert hopping)

Where: enjoying a month or so of travels between our spring job and our summer job. Current stop = New Mexico

For those of you keeping track, the intrepid travelers haven’t exactly done a whole heck of a lot of traveling lately.  We rolled into Arizona in the beginning of November, and have been bopping around the state since then, doing some sightseeing between a winter and spring job.  We pored over our maps as we decided how we could best spend a couple weeks before we head for California, and decided to try out some areas we have never been, hence, New Mexico!  So, this week is the round up and photo extravaganza of the end of our time in Arizona, and the start of a New Mexico jaunt.

We had a great weekend in Tucson, running all over with Ann and Nathan.  We went to the Miniatures Museum, which was awesome.  It ran the gamut from historical pieces to current art pieces, to mass produced scenes like those Hallmark Christmas villages.  For a ode to small things, it was a very big place, and we had to give up after a couple hours when our eyes got tired of looking!

Ann, Nathan and JJ play Godzilla over the unassuming holiday village:

These mini-dolls had heads made out of a grain of wheat:

Portrait of me and JJ:

Should we ever overhaul the RV bathroom, I’m thinking rococo:

With our most excellent weekend concierges, we also feasted at a gluten-free restaurant, ate gobs of ice cream, went swimming, and saw a comedy play at the local theater.  It was a lot to fit into a couple days, but it was great to spend time with friends.

As a backdrop, our campground, Gilbert Ray, was perfect as always.  The light dances on the mountains there, and the saguaro were just beginning to bud.

On Monday, we headed east, to Las Cruces, NM, to see a repair shop about our leveling system. While our RV was in the shop, we took Soupy to a sleepy picnic area at the base of the Organ Mountains outside of town, where we could let her run around with no one else around. The appointment did not give a conclusive answer to our problem, so the tech sent us out with some tweaks, and asked us to observe the outcome. We will head back in next week after some parts are in, and get the final fix.

Las Cruces hometown favorite: Caliche’s Custard.  I tried a green chile sundae.  Yum!

To stay close to the repair shop, we only traveled about 70 miles away, to Oliver Lee Memorial State Park, near Alamogordo, NM. It’s a lovely small state park at the base of the Sacramento Mountains, and a smart stop for the Easter holiday, as most of the sites are first some, first serve. We plunked down in a site with great mountain views, and have been busy doing touristy things nearby. There’s about a million activities within an hour’s drive, and the hardest part is choosing which we want to do with just a week here. It’s so nice to have these kinds of conundrums!

Next week I will have stories of mountaintop BBQ, pistachio farms, white sand dunes, and mountain hikes.  Yippee!