Last weekend for the spring job

Where: Working at the Arizona Renaissance Festival….final weekend!

It was only recently that I learned about the perimeter trail, a walking path that follows the edge of the fence of the whole Renaissance property. The 400-some acres are all fenced in, and surrounded by state trust lands that sometimes host cattle, and mostly are just a huge expanse of greenery. While the interior of the festival is all bustle and crowded, I rarely see other people when I’m on this trail. The path dips through washes filled with trees and birds, and winds through flat bajada covered with cactus. It’s as close as I can be to wilderness without leaving home, and I love my early morning walks for decompressing and enjoying nature. Everything is starting to put on a flowery show, and it’s fun to see who’s started blooming since the last time I was out.

The past weekend as kitchen manager at the Ren Fest went a lot better. None of the employees was on drugs, nobody passed out, and I was finally given an assistant manager to help me out. And to be fair, I have to report that in addition to finally getting a raise, I also got retroactive pay for the prior weeks when I was the manager. This is still not a job to which I would ever return, but at least I had a weekend that was not completely bad for once.

The most exciting thing I have to report is that JJ finished redoing our roof. He spent about 70 hours on it over the last month, and he’s really pleased with the result, and with the fact that it won’t need to be done again for at least 10 years. I’m pleased that we saved about $3000 that the factory charges to tackle the project!

From left to right: old caulking, stripped to the metal, and new caulking:

The second most exciting thing is that we finally did something fun, and went to see one of the shows at the festival. One of the performance troupes has a member that is retiring, and a new actor to take his place. The show they perform is very demanding, with lots of physical comedy and precise timing demands. This week, they put on a dress rehearsal with the new guy, and invited workers to come to the show. We loved the act, and also the elaborate stage, complete with a mudpit for that slapstick humor!

When we talk next time, we’ll be off work for at least a month!


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