Penultimate week

Where: Working at the Arizona Renaissance Festival, with only 9 days to go!

“Hitch itch” Def: the urge to travel, to move, to experience new things, esp. after being stationary for a time; a frustrating feeling that bubbles up during long periods of work and manifests in excessive route planning and possibility gathering; also see: Rayn and JJ right now.

I started out on this mobile life for so many reasons, and a big one is certainly my pure enjoyment of movement.  There’s so dang much to see in this country, and even in every state, that we could probably devote a year to each one and have a plethora of wonderful sights to take in. For the part of the year where we’re moving, we’ve hit on just the right combo: we generally try to choose locations where we can be in one place for about a week, surrounded by options for hiking and beauty.  We have our comfortable house with us wherever we go, and the leisurely pace means that we don’t feel rushed or pressured to do too much and burn out. It’s a perfect life, as far as I’m concerned.

That desire for action and change means that I have a lot of trouble with the periods of time where we need to stay put for work.  The Eastern Sierra never feels that way, because there, we are surrounded by so very many options within a 2 hour drive of our job.  Even after 2 summers there, I have a list of 30 hiking trails we’ve never done, and new places to explore so close to home.  But the past couple months, in Tucson and East Phoenix, have been harder.  Of course, I love the ability to get out in the short days of winter and enjoy the sun, but they just aren’t the areas where I’m happy for months on end.  As the time to get on the road gets closer (9 days, 9 days!) I’m getting more and more perky, and ready for adventure. The current plan includes a sidetrip to get our pesky, problematic leveling system repaired.  The best shop for it is in Las Cruces, NM, so we built it into our meandering loop back to the resort.  The rough trajectory is a few days at an RV park to wash and wax and sanitize our fresh water system, down to Tucson to see Ann and Nathan, over to Las Cruces, and then start heading north and west, probably through the bottom of Utah. There’s so many options, and my head is absolutely filled with delightful possibilities.


A major reason for this immobile angst is this job.  Although I was told that my job as a kitchen manager would be for only one day, the promised replacement did not show up last weekend, so it was the Rayn show again. And oy vey, what a weekend!  I sent one of my employees home with what I thought was heat exhaustion, but it turned out that he was actually on meth, the other assistant manager quit mid-day, and I had to call the medics when another employee had a seizure.  The icing on the cake was when I picked up my paycheck, and expected to see a raise for accepting these new duties.  Except, I didn’t get one. I don’t care enough about the pay difference for the final 2 weekends to go in and complain about it, but it was really a slap in the face after a grueling couple of days.


I don’t have much fun to report this week, because it was getting-stuff-done time for us.  JJ is more than halfway finished with his roof recaulking process, and we also started the stocking up process before we spend 6 weeks away from civilization.  Important items that are hard to find in small town America: Soupy’s cat food, Costco coffee, Trader Joe’s chocolate, and thai curry paste, to name a few.  We’re spending more now, but we will be happy campers where we’re faced with “grocery stores” that are really just minimarts with a few tired vegetables and some brown bananas.  You just can’t have both city conveniences and remote locations, which is ok with us.


Soupy provided a few days of entertainment when she trotted into the RV with an enormous lizard in her mouth.  This thing was seriously huge, and seemed to be quite dead, hanging limp in her mouth.  However, when I screamed a la Janet Leigh in Psycho, the damned thing sprang back into life and ran for its life, lodging itself somewhere up front in the cab. I said a few choice words and immediately headed outside, perfectly happy to let JJ be the man in the situation. He tore the front apart, removing plastic parts where the sucker could be hiding, and even with Soupy’s help (sniffing vigorously), the lizard was nowhere.  “Well,” he said optimistically, “maybe it ran out when I opened the door!”  We didn’t see any sign of it for the next 24 hours, until he opened the driver’s door again and the beast bolted off.  In other words, I slept with a lizard in my house overnight.  EEEEEEK!

Glorious sunsets this week.


3 thoughts on “Penultimate week

  1. Laughing at your description of the lizard incident. One of my fond memories from a tip to Charleston, SC, was a small (3-4″ body, plus tail) green lizard who made his home in our room. We’d see him almost every day, sometimes on the window ledge, sometimes at the foot of my bed — once on my pillow! Cute little bugger.

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