Spring sprang and dang! it’s hot

Where: working at the Arizona Renaissance Festival til 4/2 or until we can’t take the heat

I have an offer for all my Ohio peeps: how about a weather transfer?  The temperatures have been hitting 90 on a regular basis, and at night, only getting down to about 63.  We would be willing to part with 30 degrees and send it your way!  We try to frontload our day and get as much done in the morning as possible, and then the afternoon is for lazing. We perk up again when the sun sets, and only go to bed when we can get in the inside temp under 80.  A bit of relief is in sight next week, with Tuesday onward supposed to be cooler.  We are laughing about the fact that we will be facing snow at the resort in May…our seasons are so reversed!

Our “pool”:

Soupy is not a swimmer, but she enjoys it too:


I am either a glutton for punishment, or interested in trying new things (and these two things can be awfully similar sometimes!) so I accepted a new position at the RenFest as an assistant kitchen manager.  Last Saturday, the first day of the job, was fine.  I mostly spent my time getting people on 15 minute and lunch breaks, and passing out and collecting lunch vouchers.  I helped with some paperwork and inventory at the end of the day, and all was well with the world.  The next day, the manager got sick and went home, so I was put in charge of the place in her absence.  I’m glad that I’m a curious person who likes to know how systems work, because if I had not paid attention the day before, I would have no idea what I was doing!  Thankfully, I recalled just enough to limp through.  And besides the two employees who got in a fight, and the two customers at our booth who passed out from heat exhaustion, I suppose it was a fairly successful day.  The best news is that they rounded up a new manager, experienced with this fair, and I will be helping her rather than muddling along by myself.

For a nice outing, we headed east, into the mountains for some cooler temperatures and scenic hiking.  On Route 60, east of Phoenix, is a string of old mining towns, some touristy and bustling, and some with more abandoned buildings than people.  We stopped in Globe to try out the trails of Round Mountain Park.  For a small town park, it was fantastic!  The wildflowers are blooming, the sun was a bit cooler at a higher elevation, and there was almost no one else around.  Enjoy the (as usual) JJ-centric pictures of the desert beauty!

The cactus are getting buds, too:

The view from the top of Round Mountain, over Globe, AZ:

This is my favorite one.  So ethereal:


JJ has been working his little heart out on the huge project of redoing all the caulking on the roof.  He’s devoting 2 days each week to the job, and making pretty good headway.  At first, it seemed that it would be helpful for me to get up there too, and share the work.  But, after I gouged the paint several times and finally threw the scraper in frustration, we decided that it was better off as a one-man-job.  So, JJ spends his time up on the roof, and I do all the other chores for the day in order to let him rest when he’s done.  We’re spending a lot of time at home, but it will be worth it to have the whole project done.  We can leave on 4/3, and we want to be ready for travel!  Only 3 weekends and 6 days of work to go!


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