I have a funny, vague memory of going along with my sister when she took her cat to the vet.  I was probably about 8 or 9, and the cat was probably getting spayed.  The only thing I remember for sure was the conversation the vet had with my sister when she was ready to take the cat home.  “She’s going to be a bit lethargic for a while.”  “A bit what?”, my sister asked.  “Lethargic.”  My sister nodded sagely, but as soon as we got to the car, she immediately asked “What the heck does lethargic mean?!”  We looked it up when we got home (because you know, pre-smart phone era!), and lo and behold, the cat was indeed acting sluggish, inactive, slow, torpid….and yes, lethargic!

We, friends, without the spaying part, are feeling just like that cat.  We could attribute it to the recent explosion of all things green around us, and the accompanying pollen that fills the air.  It could be the sudden arrival of summer, with temperatures in the high 80s.   It could even be the fact that we are really over the novelty of living in the midst of 20 generators that run from before we get up until after we go to bed. Regardless, we are feeling very tired all the time, and not much like exploring our world.  This is really just a very lengthy lead-up to say: not much to tell you about, and not many pictures of what we didn’t do. 😦

Our one fun outing was to a Riparian Preserve in Gilbert AZ.  The city recycles 100% of its waste water, and the ponds are a huge draw for migrating birds.  There are walking paths that wind throughout the pools, and even though we’re not birders, we enjoyed seeing the variety of birds, from ducks to shorebirds to songbirds.  We even saw a pair of horseback riders!

JJ, at least, has good reason to be so tuckered, because he’s embarked on a grand plan to finish re-caulking the roof before we are finished with the festival on 4/2.  It’s a tedious job, starting with scraping off all the old caulking, cleaning the bare aluminum with acetone, and then applying the new caulking. The good news is that the job should last about 10 years, so he won’t have to do it again for a very long time!

He does have an assistant, but she’s really not very reliable, often stopping for sunning breaks.

We have just 8 more days of work left, the next four weekends.  In my spare time, I’m going to plan out a lovely route for our slow meander to our summer job, including a few repairs and also some gorgeous natural areas for some restorative relaxation!



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