(Almost) wordless Friday

This is a nearly wordless post for two reasons: I kind of forgot it was Friday and that I was due to put up a post, and at 7pm, it’s practically our bedtime! 🙂  Our week was a bit hectic, because we worked the weekend, as well as Tuesday and Thursday, which were student days at the festival.  Work continues to be confounding, but we are focusing on getting out into the world every week for some hiking to balance out our lives. Also, I am starting to plan our leisurely route over to our summer gig in Rock Creek near Mammoth Lakes, and I do love me some travel planning.  (A quick aside: Rock Creek has something like 20 feet of snow already, and more just keeps coming.  It seems that we may have a later start there this year, because the road won’t be open til almost June!)

Please enjoy our outing on old Route 60 in Superior, the “million dollar, convict highway” built by prison labor in the 1920s.  A modern, less twisty and steep version was built in the 1950s, and now the abandoned road is a walking path.  It was just the thing this week, for great scenery with very, very little effort.

Old bridge; new bridge:

Pretty wimpy guardrails:

There’s a wrecked 1930s car down in this chasm:

Arizona is nothing but a giant ode to the wonders of sedimentary deposits:

The end! The tunnel looked tiny from far away, but it’s huge with a human for scale!:


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