Tucson Mountain Park photo essay

After a thrilling week of Mexican dental work and Yuma guard dog attacks, we were ready for a week of very low key adventures, rest and recuperation.  We toyed around with the idea of Joshua Tree National Park, but with temperatures between 25 and 40 everyday, it just didn’t sound like all that much fun. Anza-Borrego State Park was only going to be a few degrees higher, and so many other places just seemed like too much work.  When a week of vacation seems like excessive effort, you know it’s time to slow down and really take some time to recover.  And that, friends, is how we find ourselves again in Tucson, after only a 4 week hiatus.

Tucson is nominally on the way back to Phoenix, our February destination, and it’s the location of one of our favorite campgrounds ever: Gilbert Ray. This campground is just lovely, with tons of greenery, mountain views, and hiking trails all around.  As a financial incentive, with electric hookups only, it is also really cheap.  Plus, we could pop in on Ann and Nathan, and just generally veg the heck out.

We didn’t do much at all this week, and barely got into the car.  Besides a hike with Ann and Nathan, we just walked the trails around the campground, slept in, played board games, and started to feel more human again.  This was just what we needed, and we feel ready for a bit more adventure before we report to orientation at the Renaissance Festival on 2/4.

Some of the mountains have almost Sedona-like colors:

Cheery teddy bear cholla:

View from the top of Brown Mountain:

When saguaro do meth:

Hiking to Bowen Stone house ruins:

With Ann and Nathan:

Somebody got new boots!:

Fishhook barrel:

Next up is a short stay in Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, a huge grasslands area with nothing prickly.  I would say it’s for us, but 99% of the reason we’re going is so that little Soupy can run free without getting anything ouchy in her paws!


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