Last week Tucson scenes

Friends, as so often happens with us, we have changed up our plans completely in the last week.  The combination of hitch itch plus needing to attend to some appointments in Phoenix means that we are headed out from Tucson.  The past couple days were quite busy, filled with final days of work, seeing Ann and Nathan, and RV chores we had been putting off. I can’t even begin to guess where we will be in a week, but I know we had a lovely final week in Tucson.  Enjoy pictures, and I’ll be back with more words next week. Happy New Year!

Christmas cactus!:

I think this is a lady saguaro:

Sunset viewing at Gates Pass:

Christmas Ezri:

Saguaro National Park:

Two minutes after JJ said “There has to be a rainbow!”:

We see 2016 out with style:


One thought on “Last week Tucson scenes

  1. Happy New Year’s to both of you. The pictures are fantastic as always. Liked the “lady cactus”. Didn’t know there was one like that. Your cat looks happy an content. As always looking forward to the next installment of your saga. Here’s to a good year an great health. Take care. Joyce,

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