JJ is a horrible husband; A Christmas story

To the horror of many people, JJ and I do not exchange presents–not birthday, not anniversary, and not Christmas presents.  We traded gifts the first December  we were together, but not since.  We’re both really happy with our arrangement now, especially considering that we live in a very tiny home with a defined carrying limit. Not giving or receiving gifts was just something that I’ve come to depend on.

But this year, I had a very sneaky husband, and things played out very differently.  JJ has had his eyes on some house slippers for a while.  We both sleep in these glorious American made sleeping bags called Wiggys, and the company has started making slippers in the same delicious material.  A few weeks ago, JJ ordered the slippers, and started wearing them on cold mornings around the house.  “Wow!” he’d say, “These are so warm!  These are amazing!  Do you want to try them on?!” So I put them on and said wowza, those *are* nice!  And then he started saying that he was warm enough, and would I like to use them for the day?  And then he started saying that most mornings.

One day when I asked to wear them, he said “Well, yeah, cause they were really for you.”  ‘What are you talking about?’ I asked. “See, I knew you threw away your old slippers, and I also knew that you wouldn’t get yourself another pair. So I pretended they were for me.”  And I just glared at the rapscallion.  “You mean you lied to me?! You lied to get me to accept a present?!”  He giggled.  “Yep!” So I looked down sullenly and said that he was a bad husband for pulling the wool over my eyes, and also thank you very very much.


Last weekend we went with Ann and Nathan to Winterhaven, a community in Tucson that goes alllllll out in decorating for Christmas.  I was expecting most houses to be pretty done up, but it was insane.  Practically every house out of about 500 was participating, and most were absolutely over the top in the amount of lights they put up.  Many went all out on themes, like converting their house to look like the garage from the movie Cars, or a winter wonderland, complete with snow machine.  The streets were pedestrian only, and they were packed.

Hard to have sleigh rides in 50 degrees!

A lot of houses sported homemade painted decorations, like this Disney princess and holiday prince display.

Nativity a la Star Wars:

We’re having Christmas dinner with Ann and Nathan later today, and then going to an overlook west of town to watch the sunset.  Merry Christmas!


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