Awesome and terrible photos

I’ve noticed that my pictures tend to fall into one of two distinct categories: pretty damn awesome, or terribly mediocre.  And I have to admit that the dichotomy has a clear boundary line: people who are not JJ.  I can take stunning landscape photography, and I can insert JJ into those views and still make the composition look pretty good.  But, when I try to take a just-people picture, it always seems to come out….not so good.  So, this week, with that caveat, I offer my views, of both really nice outdoor photography, and some lousy pictures of an outing with friends.

Last weekend was the bi-annual Tucson Street Fair, which is very much like the Columbus Arts Festival, but a bit more to the crafty side, rather than all fine art.  The wares were really a secondary attraction to me, because the crowd was so fun for people watching!  It might be a product of only being either at home or at a very small workplace all the time, but it was fascinating to enjoy the spectacle of how humans adorn themselves.  The best part was the fact that we were at a Christmas themed event, and it was in the 80s!  We also enjoyed a stroll on the University of Arizona campus, and I marveled at the convergence of flowers happily growing so close to the solstice, and fall colors.

Ann and Nathan are always up for adventures with us:

This one is for the folks who want a couples picture of us!:

JJ and I have really different work schedules right now, and since he always has the car, it makes it a bit difficult for me to get out of the city.  On my one weekday off this week, I headed out at o-dark-thirty to go for a short hike before he needed the car mid morning.  It made for a cold hike, but the sunrise shots were phenomenal.  I love this hiking area, Sweetwater Preserve, for the combo of proximity to the city, but also feelings of solitude.  This splendor is only 5 miles from my house!

A crested saguaro:

Birthday candle saguaro with moon!

You can barely see the city:

Til next time!


2 thoughts on “Awesome and terrible photos

  1. Ah, Rayn, you are making me homesick to see Tucson again. What a beautiful place – and, I am a saguaro junkie. Enjoy, and happy new year!

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