(Mostly) wordless Sunday

Did I mention that I’m working a “donut” shift?  It means I’m off just one day at a time, on Wednesdays and Sundays.  Somehow, it’s harder to get everything done than when you have two days off at a time.  So, with the combination of that fact and that we mostly just worked this week, I’m presenting (mostly) wordless Sunday, with pictures from our hike last week.  We were just going to do the easy loop trail of Linda Vista, but then we came across the exciting trail to Pusch Ridge, 2000 feet above.  Had to try it out.

Is this not enchanting, beguiling you into the wilderness?


Great desert landscapes

Careful, though, prickly things stood at the ready to attack

We quickly gained elevation and were high over the valley where we started

Once the trail became seriously up, like, climbing up, we knew we would not be finishing  in the couple hours we had allotted!

We stopped at a saddle with great views over the city.

If we wanted to continue, the trail went up to the top of that ridgeline and then to the left, up another 1000 feet.

Sometimes photography in Tucson is just too easy, like every desert cliche gathered together for one perfect shot.

Til next week!


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