The Great Parent Swap

Scheduling your year can be a very interesting experience with a mobile life.  Thanks to the good people at Rock Creek Lakes Resort, we know that as long as we’d like it, we can expect to be there for summer work, between about May and October every year.  And for the past 2 years, with working Amazon, we could also plan based on the assumption that we would work in November and December.  This year, we decided against holiday work with Amazon in favor of spending time in a city that we really like, and where we could be close to friends: Tucson. Because we had no idea what kind of winter work we would find, we planned to see our folks just after arriving in town, but before we’d start any jobs.

(An aside on the inherent nature of short term seasonal work: the timetable for the hiring process is so very different from what we’ve experienced for long term seasonal work.  That is, many outfits that need help for the whole summer are already hiring, and will probably be finished with the process before the new year.  When we started applying for holiday jobs a couple weeks ago, we ran into problems when we were still in California, and someone from Arizona would call the same day we submitted an application, asking if we could come to an interview right away! We learned that for this type of work, we really need to wait until we’re in place and ready to start interviewing.)

All this is just a big lead-in to say that when we were deciding when to fit in visits with our families, the only sure time frame was right after we arrived in Tucson, and before any winter work would start. I headed home to Ohio shortly after we settled in our new town, and JJ’s folks flew out to visit with him here.  It was a great plan to accommodate both sets of parents; mine, who preferred not to travel, and JJ’s, who were thrilled with the chance to enjoy the sunshine of the southwest.

I flew home into unseasonably warm and sunny weather, which was great, because I ended up doing an awful lot of outside activities. To be honest, I just plain did a lot of all kinds of activities, as I tried to fit in spending time with as many people as I could.  Here’s the photo evidence!

My folks are surrounded by the orchards of a local family farm, and the gravel lane through the property makes great walking:

We spent a day in Amish Country and visited Lehman’s, a department store that serves folks who don’t use electricity.  I loved the ornate woodstoves and hand crank washing machines!

It’s not a visit home if I don’t get Al Pastor tacos with Heidi:

Great walking weather, even if I ask my dad to participate in silly photos.

Hiking with my sister in the Hocking Hills:

And more ice cream with Lou and Mary Jane!:

It was a whirlwind visit, but it was great to be able to see my parents and spent a lot of quality time with them!

Spoiler alerts for next time: I return to Tucson, and JJ and I both get jobs!


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