Home for the holidays

As much as we liked the weather and the palm trees, our two weeks in Southern California had to come to an end.  So, we crossed the huge desert that is southwestern Arizona, and we moved on to our winter destination–Tucson.

We moved into a campground right in the heart of the city, in order to be close to all the action.  We are also only a few miles from our Chicago friends, Ann and Nathan, who just arrived in town a few months ago. My favorite part of our neighborhood is the nature area that is a mile away by bike trail, Sweetwater Wetlands. It really is an oasis in the middle of the city, filled with birds and green things that feed your soul.

Ann and Nathan are bike commuters and don’t own a car, and we are thrilled to have adventure companions, so we are the perfect match. We drove up to the tallest mountain in the area, Mount Lemmon, which, at 9157 feet, is quite a different climate from the desert valley below. There are scenic overlooks across a panoramic view, and tons of hiking.

We are planning to be in Tucson to make money with a winter job, but I’ll be damned if we’re having much luck with the process. I was a bit cocky, and I assumed that it would be easy-peasy to find a Holiday job. We’re finding a lot of mostly really part time work (like, 15-18 hours per week) and a lot of jobs that only want long-term workers. I feel it’s best to be honest that we only intend to work for a couple months, but we’ve lost out on a couple potential gigs due to that admission. We have plenty saved up to be off for a couple months, but we’d prefer to work now, and then have a few months to travel in the spring. I’m trying not to freak out, but I’m feeling a little low about our prospects. I know things will turn out fine, but I’m wigging a bit in the meantime.

However, we didn’t have all that much time to look for jobs, because both of us are currently spending time with our folks. We wanted to fit in visits before any winter work began. I’m in Ohio, while JJ’s folks are with him in Tucson. And all that is fodder for the next post!

Til next time!


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