Cinderella Week and Weather Whiplash

Last year, the Resort shutdown took about 2 weeks of what I considered to be fairly hard labor. This year, knowing that we would only be there about 6 days after the final day of business, we worked double time to be sure that we got as much finished as possible. Shutting down means, first off, cleaning *everything* in the kitchen, restaurant, and store, which means a ton of scrubbing. We clean the ceilings, the walls, the shelves, the cabinets, and round out the process with a through floor scrubbing, down on your hands and knees with a scrub brush.  Cabin shutdown is much the same, with 11 kitchens that get a solid round of SOS application, and a stove cleaning with Easy Off, in addition to the regular cabin cleaning.  We wash all the bedspreads and mattress pads, which is about a 2 week process as we put them one at a time through the single clotheswasher.  And there’s also little things like pulling the boats off the water to store them under the store, moving all the outside items like garbage cans and signs into inside storage, and cleaning out the walk in refrigerator and freezer.  It’s a small resort, but there are about a million items on the to-do list that have to happen before the crew leaves.

Amy and JJ attacking the industrial oven in the restaurant kitchen:

It wasn’t all manual labor, though!  The Kings took the whole crew out for a very lovely dinner at Nevados Restaurant in Mammoth Lakes as a thank you for our work.  They ordered yummy wines for the whole table, and we got a succession of delectable nibbles of appetizers before our main course.  I particularly enjoyed the chocolate trio for dessert, a plate of creme brulee, mousse, and a chocolate ice cream.  Num num!

The whole crew:

The last couple days at 10,000 feet were a bit rough, with a storm that came through bringing rain, snow, and very cold temperatures.  With our electrical system out, we couldn’t run the furnace, but we ran an extension cord through our window to power an electric heater.  It was so cold and windy that even on high, the inside temp would not go above 61.  The weather is so fickle in the mountains in the shoulder season; you can get gorgeous, warm days just as easily as cold, snowy ones.

On one of the last nice days, Mary and I took a walk to the secret ponds above the Resort.

We left Monday morning with the strangest conundrum: I had worried that we would get some significant snow overnight, and impede our progress off the mountain, and I was also worried that it would be too hot in the desert below, making our driving day bad for both the transmission and the cat!  That’s the sort of juxtaposition that I would never have in Ohio!  Luckily, there had only been a dusting of snow overnight, and desert temps were only in the upper 80s.  We spent the night in a Regional Park in L.A., close to our next morning appointment.

The RV electrical issue was pretty easy for the factory to diagnose.  We have a hardwired electrical management system, which assesses all the power coming in, and prevents it from reaching the rig if it’s bad.  The whole dang system had died, so no power could enter through its lifeless corpse.  The Lazy Daze factory rewired the coach back to the original state, bypassing the management box.  Since it’s an aftermarket addition, they would not help us fix it, but we can at least use power in the interim, until we get it repaired.

$67 later, we were on our way to Jojoba Hills RV park, a co-op in the Escapees RV Club, and the home base of our friends, Dave and Max. Our plan is to just chill for a few days, and come down from a couple really hard weeks of work. We will spend a couple days catching up on some RV chores, like washing and waxing, and also be sure to get some napping and tanning in, too. I also get to choose where we get to go next….we don’t have to be in Tucson until 11/2, and we can go wherever we want in the meantime. I will miss being at the Resort, and in my favorite mountains, but I’m really looking forward to travel again, too!







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