Surprise ending!

In an interesting twist of events, we just realized that this is our last week of work at the Resort. A few days ago, we made a harebrained mistake, and completely messed up the electrical system of our RV. It’s nothing too severe, but we can’t use our electricity in our rig until we get it fixed. We moved into the sun, so that we can charge up our batteries with our solar panel, and ran an extension cord through our kitchen window, so we can use a space heater. The situation wouldn’t be too bad, save for the weather issue: we are expecting a winter storm this Sunday/Monday, with really cold temps. Can’t make much solar in a bunch of clouds!

So, our new plan is to work through Sunday, and then head for our RV manufacturer in Los Angeles on Monday. We feel a bit whiplashed, to go from thinking that we had several more weeks of work to suddenly being almost done! At least the factory is right on our way to Tucson, and won’t involve much of a detour. The strangest part will be leaving winter temperatures and going straight into 80s and 90s!

As you might imagine, we have a few things on our plates in order to leave so far ahead of schedule, so this will be a short update. Please enjoy a few pictures of the outing we took last week with Mary, to see the petroglyphs north of Bishop.


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