Going to the chapel (of two different varieties)

We had a wedding this weekend! Amy, our boss, married Steve, her co-manager and BBQ genius, who makes all the smoked meats and BBQ sauces for the Resort. They chose a lovely location for the ceremony that we call “the chill spot”, an open area of level granite that overlooks the lake and the back of our canyon. Although we had a blustery and cold couple of days leading up to the big event, Saturday was warm and sunny, with perfect fall colors and a clear blue sky.

JJ, Mary, and I were busy that day, helping with transportation logistics. JJ and I picked up a 15-passenger van from the Mammoth airport and dropped it off at the reception site, at the bottom of the canyon. In the afternoon, we greeted folks coming in, and directed them to the (slightly complex) parking situation. Although the chill spot can be accessed simply by heading straight up the steep hillside behind the Resort, wedding guests took a longer but much less technical route through the cabin area. We could easily pick out the true mountain girls by the ones who arrived with hiking boots as well as dress shoes…they were directed up the trail on the hillside for the shortest route.

The parking queen, complete with tiara and wings, and her map:

Please excuse the blurriness of these next couple photos; I only had one quick chance to get each one!

Amy’s mom, Sue:

Casey and Kris.

KK, Amy’s little sister:

Amy and her dad, Jim:

The big hand-off!:

The ceremony was gorgeous, simple and sweet. Right after it, Mary, JJ, and I drove down to the reception site to help with parking there. JJ and I were the shuttle bus drivers, taking guests the ¼ mile from the parking area to the reception. It was the just the job for us; we had no problem maneuvering the beast of a van around the tight turn around spot. When you drive a 27 foot RV, a 20 foot van feels small!

Amy and Steve arrived in a vintage fire truck:

In between shuttle trips, we got to enjoy the party. We ate yummy food and decadent cake, enjoyed the company of good friends, cried at tender speeches, and danced our hineys off. The last shuttle run was the most fun, with the whole bridal party crammed into the van. There weren’t enough seats, but there were plenty of laps, and it was a raucous end to an awesome day.

Amy and Steve each bring a lot of skills to their relationship, and they really complement each other in running the Resort. Amy is a King, Steve is a Miller, which, I guess, makes them now “the Killers”! (I tried to convince them that the new name for the cafe could be “The Killer Cafe”, but they’re not biting!)


The other “chapel” that we went to was the overlook of our whole canyon. Our fall colors are in full effect, and I wanted to show JJ the amazing vantage point. A storm was brewing up, which obscured some of our views deep into the canyon, but it also made for really interesting light. Many of the aspen were completely changed to yellows and golds, and in some areas, the leaves had already dropped. I’m glad we got up there when we did, (the last day of summer) because the color can be so fleeting around here. We managed to get back just before the deluge started, and were only drenched for about 10 minutes.


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