Phone fun

I’m not a complete Luddite, but I’m hardly the first to be up on hot new technologies. I was perfectly happy with my couple-year-old smart phone until the last few months, when it really started to misbehave. At totally random times, it would start to act up, and generally be a giant PITA. I was starting to get seriously annoyed when it would decide to shut down in the middle of whatever I was doing, and then take a half hour to reboot to life again. My plan was to just deal with it until it completely died, but JJ had another idea: how about considering a new phone now, before the old one gave up the ghost entirely?

And that is how I find myself to be the owner of a brand new Moto X Pure Edition, which is approximately the size of the graphing calculators I had in high school, but definitely has a few more handy features. I’m loving the increase in storage, all the better for holding podcasts and audiobooks to listen to in the middle of the night. The very best part is the amazing camera, which is making picture taking even more fun. It captures light just the way you actually see a vista, and even adds a little something extra that makes my shots sparkle. The only downside is that big screen; it doesn’t fit easily in my pocket, or in the little phone pocket in my purse, and it just barely fits in the place I usually tuck my phone in my daypack. Still, I’m extremely happy with my purchase, and it’s great to have a phone that doesn’t die at inopportune times.

Here’s a photo essay of scenes from around the Resort, through my new lens:

Did you happen to notice anything in that last photo? Yep, the leaves on a few aspen are starting to change, barely 2 months after they first came out for the season. Summer is a fleeting season up here, and in the last week, it has started its retreat. It will soon be sweater season, and we’ll need the furnace on overnight. I love the fall colors, but I also love the fact that we will then be on our way to the land of winter sun, rather than many months of dreary cold!

The colder temps inspired Mary to make a Thanksgiving-flavored dinner the other night!

Speaking of warmth, we recently talked with our friends, Ann and Nathan, who just moved to Tucson from Chicago. They are loving the city, and hearing their excitement makes us all the more stoked about our decision to spend the winter there, too. JJ and I have been discussing our options for the winter, and I realize that I have inadvertently locked myself into the very kind of thinking that I’ve been working so hard to avoid. We planned to leave California, make our way quickly to Arizona, and then find work right away. It’s the schedule we’ve had the last two years, but it’s by no means the only option. I’ve been having some strong “hitch-itch”, really wanting to have some time off and travel. And there’s no reason that we can’t combine the two plans! We might travel in November, move to Tucson for a few months of work, and then travel a few months again in the spring. Nothing is settled, but it was helpful to recognize the sensation of plans being stifling rather than constructive. Even in the midst of a very unconventional life, I need to be aware of times that I’m falling into old patterns of “the way things are done”, and examine them to see if they are what I actually want. It’s continually liberating to remember that we all have options, all the time!

Mary’s days recently changed, and we now share Tuesdays off. We decided to form the Tuesday Morning Hiking Club, and take an inaugural hike this morning. We got more than a bit lost, but found a stunning overlook of our whole canyon. I’m looking forward to lots more fun on these outings!

Panoramic of the whole view!


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