Bad News Bears

Sunday night was an awfully rough one around the Resort, as a marauding band of bears wreaked all sorts of havoc. (And the craziest part? We had our noise machine on, and didn’t hear a single bit of it!)

Mary was very late getting home from a visit to her mom’s house, and first found a bear getting into Kevin’s car by breaking a window. She pulled up right beside it in her own car, honking her horn to scare it away. It did take off, but headed for the employee trailers. She woke up Steve and Amy, who came out with a shotgun of blanks to put some fear into it. While Steve was inspecting the damage to Kevin’s car, he realized that a second bear was inside the car, sprawled out on the back seat! Steve quickly backed off to let the bear get away without feeling trapped. The next couple hours were a wild chase, with the bears popping up around the Resort, tipping over recycling cans and messing with the dogs. Everyone finally headed inside in the very early morning, and it all seemed to be over. KK and Oriol heard what sounded like another empty trash can tipping over around 4:30, but that was it.

Except, it wasn’t a trash can tipping over, but the bears breaking one of *our* car windows. We feel like Kevin probably brought the damage onto his car by leaving smelly fishing gear inside, but we had absolutely nothing in our car of interest or with a scent. However, we were parked right next to him, and the bears probably thought other cars in that area might have other goodies. Thankfully, nothing was damaged besides the window, and the repair shouldn’t be too expensive. Just to be sure, we took everything out of the car, even the blankets that were in there, so that it looks completely empty and uninteresting! This bear situation is really abnormal and not the sort of activity we usually see..these animals were habituated to human food, and knew just how to get it. This sort of behavior is not easy to change once it starts, and these bears have learned that human spaces are easy targets. It’s sad to say, but they will probably have to be shot at some point, all because people have let their spaces become feeding zones.

(I’m just happy that I’m not the idiot in a campground down the road, who left his trailer door open while cooking, and came back in to find a bear inside and angry. Note: should you find yourself in an enclosed space with an ursine, egress immediately—do not engage! Luckily, the guy got away with just a scratched tummy from a paw swipe, and nothing worse.)

It was definitely a week of exciting natural events, but at least not all of them were scary! Wednesday night, we were up about a half hour later than normal, and walking back from the bathroom. We suddenly saw our shadows in front of us, and turned, expecting to see a car pulling up behind us. Except, the light was coming from the sky, from the largest meteor I’ve ever seen. It looked like a huge firework, brighter than the moon, streaking across the sky with a long, long tail, with sparks flying off from the main ball of light. It looked like it was directly above us, just a couple thousand feet in the air. Our shouts roused a couple co-workers to watch it for about 45 seconds, until it disappeared beyond the far mountain range to the east. We stood there, agog, talking about what we had seen, and speculating on just what it was. A few minutes later, we heard a loud “BOOM” in the direction we had last seen the meteor, and we worried that we had just heard the end of some civilization. The next day, we were able to check online, and learned that it was either Chinese space junk or natural space debris, depending on who you ask, and that it did not hit anywhere. Videos of the event do not do it justice, probably because most folks who saw it were 10,000 feet lower than us. It was probably the most amazing sight I ever saw in the sky!

To end, please enjoy some pictures of our outing to June Lake last week, and the beauty that is our backyard. It made me happy to look at these pictures–hopefully the scenery will do you good, too!  Here’s to the start of (for us) a whole new week!


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