45 degrees and the water’s fine

Some might say that we lack entertainment options, 9 miles up a canyon.  No, we don’t have internet, and it’s 25 miles to the closest town to enjoy some local music or breweries.  But, we still manage to have a pretty good time, albeit in a different way than most folks.  And, your definition of fun has to be a bit skewed, because this week’s adventure involves jumping into freshly melted snow, aka, Rock Creek Lake.

This week really heated up, and we were in the high 60s over the weekend.  That alone is not so hot, but when you work in the kitchen all day with the ovens going, you’re a sweaty mess by the end of an 8 hour shift.  I spent the day fantasizing about cooling off, and Casey is always game for a dip, so we headed to the lake after work.

On the way there, I noticed that the sun had slipped behind the mountains, and the breeze had picked up.  Suddenly, I wasn’t so hot anymore.  It actually started to get downright chilly, but I stuck with the plan, so as not to incur the teasing from co-workers about chickening out.

Here’s a photo essay of the event, thanks to wimpy JJ, who had no interest in getting in the frigid water!

Casey and I pick our way down gingerly.  Our normal route was cut off by high water, and the rocks we normally launch from were covered. We’re sporting “I’m not that cold, really” clothing options.

We finally get the gumption up to strip down, and and try to look summery for the camera.  Atlas is totally into the plan, and wondering why we’re just standing around.

This point features a lot of psyching up.  And saying “On 3, right?! We’re jumping on 3!”


I jump on 3, Atlas follows after on 4, and Casey stands there shrieking as I yell at her to woman up and get in there with me!

Atlas clambers all over me, practically drowning me, until I push him out of the way to get the heck back on shore.  He promptly heads over to Casey, and tries the same with her.  He thinks it’s a fabulous game, and why the heck do we want to leave when the fun is just beginning?

Commemorative finishers picture–with chattering teeth.

If you’d like to join, the official schedule for employee lake jumps are as follows: 5:30am Wednesdays–the Polar Bear Club jump, 7:30pm Wednesdays–the Polar Bear *Cub* Club jump, and whenever the outlet tube is passable when the water recedes–the Penguin Club Tube Float.  By the end of the summer, the water should be into the 50s and delightfully toasty!


The best part of our week was the arrival of our friend, Mary.  We worked with her at Amazon in Fernley, NV in 2014, and have kept in touch ever since. We told her about the employment openings at the Resort, and how much fun she could have there with us this summer.  We were so excited when she agreed to come work with us! Mary always has a big smile on her face, and such a happy-go-lucky attitude…we’re going to love having her around!

Here’s a very strangely lit picture of Mary and Tyson.  (And a message to Mike, Mary’s dad: Tyson is a very nice boy, and just a giant goober.  He’s squeezing your daughter in a purely platonic fashion.)

Here’s a better one, my favorite picture of Mary:

Tomorrow, one of our RVing friends is coming up for a hike in our valley, followed by lunch at the cafe.  We’ll have lots of pretty pictures for next week!


3 thoughts on “45 degrees and the water’s fine

  1. Hi Rayn, I hope you don’t mind but I’m using your blog to say hi to Nancy and David. Hi Nancy and David. Oh yeah, Mary too. Hope y’all are having fun………………..mike/pops

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