Around the seasons in one week

We had the good fortune of experiencing all the seasons of the year this week. We woke on Thursday to a heavy, wet snow that clung to the trees and created a winter wonderland scene. It was about a foot deep, but it all melted by the afternoon. Yesterday, I enjoyed a reading spot in the sun, and got so hot that I needed to move into the shade. It looks like we might finally be getting spring on a consistent basis, and into the 60s everyday. Today I took the first hike of the season in the canyon behind us, tromping through deep snow, while looking for shade from the hot sun.  This is a funny place, weather-wise.

It’s a kind of Russian roulette to walk under the eves after a big snow:

Amy shovels; Atlas just wants to eat the snow:

Today’s walk:

Friday was the first day of the season for the resort, and the whole Memorial weekend went well. We had steady crowds, glowing reviews of our new dessert menu, and overall happy customers. Waitressing is very much like riding a bike, and after an initial whoopsie of trying to offer someone syrup for their savory breakfast sandwich, I was back on track and with the program.

The bakers, Sue and Amy, and Doug, the grill cook:


Although I trumpet the idea of honoring the sensation of “I Can’t” in my life, I had a tough time putting it into practice this week. JJ and I re-applied for our seasonal Amazon gig while we were still working there last year, but we have been dreading returning to the job. We were not fans of Texas, between the long drive to get there, the humidity and tornadoes. And even though I tried to pep myself up with the idea that the gig would only be for 8 weeks or so, we find it so tedious that even 8 weeks is 8 weeks too long. We were already starting to complain about going back to the grind of 11 hour days and 2 hours of commuting.

When our friends, Ann and Nathan, announced that they were moving to Tucson, new ideas began to rattle around in my head. “Boy, would I like to be able to spend more time with them” and “Gee, I really like Tucson, and it would be a great place to work in the winter”, and “Hey, we could spend more time with our friend, Jen, too!”. (Pop quiz: can you guess where this is going?) After much deliberation, JJ and I withdrew our Amazon application for this Christmas season, and reserved a spot in a Tucson RV park from November through March. I’ve started compiling ideas and making some phone calls, but we will probably wait to apply for work until we get into town. With so many snowbirds there all winter, I’m sure we can find something once we arrive. The best part is that I’m excited about my winter now, and that’s a great feeling!


And in the category of “we are most definitely not in Kansas anymore”, JJ wins the prize this week. We were working the earliest shift of the day, and were up just as the sky was getting light. He went into the employee bathroom, and when he opened the door just a minute later, encountered a pair of very large eyes a few yards in front of him. “Hmmmm,” he thought, “what a large dog we have here.” Thankfully, some ancient reptilian part of his brain kicked in just after that, and started to swing the door back shut as his eyes dilated into the realization that it was actually a bear.

It seems like this bear might be a regular visitor this summer. Somehow, we slept through Steve shooting off blanks to scare him away last night, when he was hanging around just outside the kitchen. The Kings swear that brown bears are nothing but naughty puppy dogs, and easily frightened away if you just yell and wave your arms. We’re unconvinced; wimpy products of a land populated by mammals solidly smaller than human beings, save for deers, which are definitely not scary!


Soupy the adventure cat is having a fabulous time. She and JJ go out for long rambles almost every day, and he acts as babysitter and paparazzi. She loves it here!

The best part of the week was JJ’s birthday party last night. We had a big dinner with the whole crew, and finished it off with a homemade gluten-free devil’s food cake. Except, we forgot to adjust for altitude, so it kind of exploded all over the oven. We salvaged it by laying it out in a mixing bowl and icing it, in situ, so it couldn’t fall apart. It tasted great, and JJ had a wonderful time.

I tried to claim that “bowl cake” is an Ohio tradition.  Don’t think they believed me:

Til next week!


6 thoughts on “Around the seasons in one week

  1. Loving last post! Had as belly laugh at you trying to. pass off bowl cake as Ohio tradition. Must say it was a great made up save. So glad you two have re-thunk Amazon.job. We often wondered how your made it through from your descriptions. Soupy looks in fab shape an condition. Surprised he/she ?, tolerates the snow. Were customers upset no pies this season, at first?

    Stay safe, thikin of ya in our 85 degree heat an humidity..

    • For us, Amazon was great for the money, but the rest was tough. Maybe someday we’ll want to do it again for a quick influx of cash, but for now, I’d prefer to work longer and for less money, but have more free time.

      Soupy is definitely in great shape for a 10 year old! She hated the snow day, and just hopped from rock to rock to keep her feet dry!

      Most customers love the crumbles, but we have had a few distraught people who don’t want to give up the tradition. Hopefully word gets around that we still have great stuff to eat.

      Glad you liked the updates!

  2. Happy Birthday to fellow Gemini JJ! (My birthday is today.) I knew there was another good reason why I like this guy! Best—Karin D.
    PS – Amazon warehouse open in Franklin Co. now. Just saying. 😉

    • Karin! Thanks to funny notification quirks, I just saw this! I hope you had a wonderful birthday with lots and lots of ice cream.

      As for Ohio and Amazon, we’ve had our fill of both for now, but I’ll keep the option open for the future! 🙂

      Good to hear from you!

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