Work Week

Although it may seems like our life is just a series of fun, it’s more like a weekend than a vacation: we have lots of good times, but there’s chores to do, too.  We generally prefer to save up a bunch of the more onerous ones and do them all together, so that we can go a nice long while before the next round of the to-do list.  Our past week was not much to write about, but we sure did get a lot done!

We stayed at the Saguaro Co-op, a member of our camping club, in Benson, AZ, just outside of Tucson.  Our stay there had a few purposes.  First, we wanted full hookups to weather out the 3 days of clouds and rain that were predicted, because our wimpy little solar panel is no good when there’s no sun!  We also wanted a temporary address to get some Amazon deliveries, and access to long, hot showers after we did RV repair.  And it didn’t hurt that we were close enough to Tucson to visit a friend, too!

We had a couple really cold, windy, wet days.  The system was more bluster than talk, though, and the rain only amounted to 0.17. It was pretty funny to talk to my folks in Ohio, and find out that they were 20 degrees warmer than us for once! It was great to be able to just turn on the electric heater and huddle inside under a blanket.

Once the skies cleared, JJ worked on the roof, stripping and re-caulking another vent, and improved his already solid mid-western farmer’s tan.  We washed the RV and the car, and took advantage of the industrial washing machine at the park to launder rugs and blankets. We even scrubbed our yoga mats, and were appalled at just how gross things can get, regardless of how many “namastes” you say while you use them!

The RV park was holding an annual party, Old Mexico Days.  Many of the events were not to our taste (blindfolded golf cart driving through an obstacle course, for example) but there were a few cool items on the list.  We really enjoyed the candy stand where we could buy paletas (fruit popsicles), and we were blown away by a concert from a high school mariachi band.

Mariachi Aztlan de Pueblo is an ensemble performing group from a progressive high school in Tucson that focuses on arts and technologies. Many of the young musicians have been playing their instruments for more than 10 years!  The band director is young and energetic, and it’s obvious that the kids adore him.  They played with skill and passion, and it was one of the best performances I’ve ever seen!  They are all over YouTube, –here’s a short video about the group.

After we finished all our chores, we had a fun day and traveled into Tucson to see our friend, Jen. We stopped at a new “ice cream” parlour that makes its product out of cashew milk, hence the name, “Cashew Cow”. The high fat content of the nuts made for a creamy, thick taste that was almost spot on to the real thing.

We always enjoy seeing Jen, and we had a delicious dinner at La Botana, where we all tried the house special, the chicarrones verde, delicious pork in green chile sauce.

It was great to have power and water, but we’re ready for more wide-open spaces.  Next stop: free, dispersed camping at  Indian Bread Rocks, near Bowie, AZ.


2 thoughts on “Work Week

  1. Hi there! David and I hope you enjoy Indian Bread Rocks as much as we did. Visited in April 2014, and had the place all to ourselves, except for a visit with a Border Patrol agent. The road out was a little corrugated, but worth it.

    • We are having a great time! Although in contrast to your stay, there has been a steady stream of picnickers every day, and lots of folks stopping by for one night camping trips.

      This is a really nice spot and we will definitely be back!

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