Last week in Ohio and back to Texas

True fact: Although I had my fair share of sicknesses as a kid, I always managed to hold them in until school holidays, and thereby had perfect attendance from 2nd grade through my freshman year.  I guess I still have those skills, waiting until the last couple days of our Ohio trip to get a sore throat and yicky head cold, which is my official excuse for not blogging in so dang long.  It’s no wonder that I got sick, what with a whirlwind schedule for the last week of our home visit, and without much down time.  But, that busy schedule meant that we were able to cram in lots of visits and chores, so it was well worth it. I’m still feeling pretty poorly, so this post is going to be like the dinner you make when you’re too tired to eat.  That is, it’s the literary equivalent of yogurt and toast….not a proper supper, but it will get you through the night. 🙂

For our last week in Ohio, we moved back to Columbus, to the home of our friends, Lou and Mary Jane.  With a home base in the middle of the melee, we started attacking our to-do list.  We went to my long-time dentist (who determined that I do NOT need a filling, in contrast to the shady California doctor I last saw), I got a hair cut that did not make me look like a toddler had done it, and we had new tires put on the Subaru.  Knowing we needed to sell our tow dolly that was still back in Texas, I called lots of used RV lots in Texas, to see if anyone was buying.  Heck to the no was the answer I got repeatedly, and they all recommended that I put an ad on Craigslist.  I drug my feet on that chore, assuming the worst, that it would never sell.  Surprise, surprise, after I put up the ad, it was spoken for within 24 hours, and I had a long list of backup buyers if the first one should fall through.

I also had an appointment with the technology guy from the Library to diagnose my blog-picture problem. The blog updated with some new formatting a while ago, and I just couldn’t get my pictures to size properly after that. As always, Nate (or N8, as we referred to him), had the issue figured out in two shakes of a lamb’s tail, so we’re back to good looking images.

My boss from the Library, Anne, threw me a soiree to get together with my former co-workers, and we were blown away with the turnout–around 40 folks showed up. Library folks know how to eat, and we enjoyed a lavish spread with our most rabid fan base, talking the whole night to people who follow us religiously, and knew precisely what we have been up to!  It was amazing how much can change in just a year and a half, and we had so much to hear about!

This is what a Library party looks like at 10:30pm!

We also managed to get together with most of the folks we missed on the first pass through Columbus, getting together for lots of coffees and meals, and talking our hearts out to people we hadn’t seen in years. After so much time with just the two of us, JJ and I loved the chance to hear about the lives of the people we’ve missed so much!

Most importantly, JJ and I started driving our new car, a stick-shift Subaru, full time.  While we were out with my folks, we would sometimes decide to take out our old car rather than tax our brains with the difficult task of new skills.  With only the Subaru with us, we were forced to practice every time we wanted to go somewhere.  And on one of those trips, like other cars before her, the little white car told me her name, and became an official member of the expedition.

Introducing Bianca!

On Thursday, we crammed everything back into the car and headed south. We originally planned to take the same route back, through Nashville, Memphis, and Little Rock, until I checked the weather. We made a wide detour to Birmingham, and managed to only hit rain, rather that the screaming blizzard that was going on further north. Once again, little Soupy was the best traveler in the world, sleeping most of the way home. When we finally got home to the RV park in Texas, she was super happy to be back in her house. And, although we had a marvelous time on our trip, so were we!


2 thoughts on “Last week in Ohio and back to Texas

  1. Hi, It’s Joyce here, Maryanne and I were just reading your blog. We were both wondering if you got your hair cut after the circ party at Anne’s house or before. We couldn’t tell since you had it up that night. Have had a lovely party in the dept. today for my retirement, last day this Frid. Everything was absolutely fabulous, I was so surprised when I came in. Glad you made it back safely. Keep writing, get well soon.

    • The haircut happened before the party, so don’t worry…. You didn’t miss out on seeing some rad new do! 🙂

      I hope you enjoy more free time in retirement! Just think- you can stay up reading as long as you want every night, and sleep in afterwards! My favorite part of not working is getting to wear elastic pants all I want. 🙂

      Take care and keep in touch!

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