We made it to Ohio, but hey, where’s the sun?!

Like pioneers of yore, we packed all our most precious belongings into our trusty wagon and headed towards riches.  Although in our case, that meant that we brought the cat, electronics, and important documents along in the dinky Toyota Echo, and pointed for Ohio. I feared that I would spend the trip with a feline plastered to my face, but Soupy was a little trooper. JJ set up an micro apartment for her in the back seat, complete with dining room, bedroom and bathroom.  She settled down to sleep pretty quickly, and only roused when we stopped.

Soupy’s favorite part of the trip was our motel layover in Jackson, TN, where she availed herself to the joys of a bathtub faucet to drink out of, and two queen size beds for lounging. We had good weather, practically no traffic, and were in a vehicle that could stop at even the smallest gas station to refuel. As too-long road trips go, this one was pretty darn good! We love living in a rolling home, but sometimes it’s lovely to leave it behind and take the express line to your destination.

Our first stop was to the house of our dear friends, Lou and Mary Jane.  Lou was JJ’s massage school teacher a decade ago, and when we went looking to rent a house shortly after he graduated, we ended up one house over from them.  We are ever grateful for that serendipitous turn, because over the years, we became great friends.  They are the sort to wrap you in enormous hugs, enveloping you in love and laughter. Their home has always been a special place for us to come to get the kind of soul-filling energy that only comes from wise, warm women.  In short, we love them to pieces, and we were so happy to walk through their door.

Maryjane Rayn and Lou

Last night we went to the annual New Year’s party at Lisa and Marianne’s house.  They are best friends with Lou and Mary Jane, and the landlords of that lucky house we rented.  As always, they had a slew of delicious homemade nibbles, a bumpin’ dance party in the kitchen, and a huge crew of fun folks.  Even coming from a later time zone, we weren’t quite up to a midnight revelry, so we excused ourselves a bit early, and celebrated New Year’s by brushing our teeth before bed.

While I first though that three weeks in Ohio might be too much, we actually have far too much to do!  There’s so many people to see, medical appointments to keep, food to eat, ice cream to devour!  I even have a friend coming in from Chicago, who saw that we were here, and bought a ticket back to C-bus on a whim!  Oh yeah, and we have to learn to drive stick shift, so that we can buy my Dad’s Subaru, and drive it back to Texas.

The challenge is going to be keeping up the energy to have all these adventures in the complete absence of sun!  Yes, I’m exaggerating about the state of the sky in the mid-West, but dang if it isn’t cloudy as hell most of the time.  The Southwest really spoils you, and one of the best parts is the gorgeous light.

Not Ohio:



Every blogger in the universe has already done some sort of year-end review, and I’m the pokey puppy.  2015 really was a fantastic year for us, filled with fabulous adventures, and I promise to do a recap soon.  Happy New Year!


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