Week 8 of Amazon, and on to vacation!

Merry Christmas!

While so many bloggers do some sort of Christmas list this time of year, after a couple months in the Amazon trenches, we are mostly thinking about what we don’t want.  Good lord, but we saw items that no sane person should ever spend money to buy!

So, in no particular order, please do not get us:

The Pie Face Game

This product designed to entertain you while on the loo

Haribo Sugar-Free Gummies, aka, the item with the funniest customer reviews ever

(And should you require more entertainment in this arena, just Google “funny Amazon product reviews” and enjoy the horrific spectacle of terrible things you can actually buy!)


Our last week of work at Amazon was quite busy, as life can be when you think you have another month to fit in all it, but then you only have a week.  (Actually, is that not a metaphor for our whole existence?)  We got together with another young RVer, Becky of Interstellar Orchard.  I followed her blog religiously before we started full-timing, and she was a major source of inspiration and information before we started our journey.  Although we worked at the same Amazon facility both last year and this year, we had different schedules and didn’t get to talk at work.  On our last weekend in town, we enjoyed small town burgers and fries with her, and she gave us a tour of her tiny little Casita trailer.



We also got together with Mikki, with whom JJ attended massage school about a million years ago in Columbus, Ohio.  People change, but some things never do, like Mikki’s million megawatt smile, huge laugh, and strong hugs.



We had a special treat for Monday, our last day of work: we had completed just enough hours in the season to be eligible for a use-it-or-lose-it 5 hours of paid time off.  Of course, we used it to make our last day just 5 hours long, and skipped out into the sunshine of midday.

On Tuesday, we packed everything up and headed south for Livingston, about 90 miles north of Houston, to recuperate a bit.  We checked into the Rainbow’s End RV park, where our club membership allows dirt cheap camping and RV storage.  We had hoped to work on our roof leak, but the weather here has been all wrong for that kind of task.  Between outrageous humidity and a bit of rain every day, there is no way to start a job that requires dry conditions from start to finish.  We threw a fresh plastic tarp over the bad area, and we’ll try again later.

The temperatures are least conducive to being outside, with highs close to 80 every day.  We’ve been out for lots of walks, enjoying the combo of tropical foliage and Christmas decorations as we stroll in shorts and t-shirts.

Our favorite house in the park:



And whenever it’s nice enough, JJ takes little Soupy our for a stroll.



Our next order of business is getting ready for a trip to Ohio!  As long as the weather cooperates, we plan to leave on Tuesday, arrive just before New Year’s, and stay through about January 22.  I know I need to get started on “The List” of things to pack, but I just can’t bring myself to do that kind of a job on Christmas.  Perhaps I should just take my sister’s suggestion, and bring everything we own, because it’s not very much to begin with! 🙂 Most of all, we need to rest up, to be upbeat as we attempt 1087 miles in two days with a yowling cat.  If nothing else, it should be a very interesting trip!

We’ll see some of y’all real soon!




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