Week 6 of Amazon and the implementation of “I can’t”

This week was downright glorious, as we left work each day at 4:30, with the sun still up in the sky. It sounds a little crazy to say it, but it was infinitely easier to work 10 hour days rather than 11 hour days. And just what did we do with that extra hour each day? I made a point of sitting down in my living room when we got home, and I just enjoyed the sunset.

Furthermore, last week’s post about saying no to situations that just-don’t-work-for you got us thinking, as well. We talked about ideas that allow us to have a different sort of autumn, one where we still can make money, but outside of the framework of a job that we find very tedious.

Often, when I come up with advice, I am the one who could benefit from it the most. And right now, it felt extremely good to take a week more for myself. I should be back to regularly scheduled programming next week, but for now, enjoy those views out my living room window, and consider taking a week to do the same for yourself.




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