Week 4 of Amazon, and good lord, we are tired

As I mentioned in my previous post, people around these parts are really friendly.  We’ve had a lot of conversations with co-workers where, when they find out that we are campers, just here for a short time, they give us a lengthy run-down of all the places and sights we need to see.  And hoo boy, there’s a lot to see if you into that kind of thing, what with this being the 4th largest metroplex in the US and all. And while we normally love to hear about great sights to see, and places to eat, and museums and stores and what not….right now we are so freaking tired that absolutely none of it sounds any good!

This week, though, we had a nice surprise, when we heard that we would only be working a regular week of 4 eleven hour days, and therefore have a 3 day break.  As soon as I knew that our Thursday had morphed into our Friday, I looked at JJ with weary eyes and asked if I could just go to bed without dinner or dishwashing.  “No,” he replied, “but we can  go to bed without doing the dishes.  You still have to eat.” And that, friends, is what passes for a fancy Friday night in our house these days!

Our major news of the week is that we decided against becoming Texas residents.  Up until the 2016 offerings, Texas was particularly attractive because it offered nationwide health insurance through the Healthcare.gov exchange.  Unfortunately, (especially for all the RVers who recently changed to Texas for this benefit), those plans pulled out of the state, and Texas is now just like Ohio: we could get insurance that works within the state, but nothing besides true emergency services are paid for outside of the state.  (To clarify, we could still get those plans if we paid for them outright, but off the exchange, they are waaaaay too expensive for us to even think about.)  There were some other RV reasons to change to Texas residency, but in light of the insurance issue, none of them are compelling enough to make the leap.  The good news is that we get to save a couple hundred dollars and lots of time this winter, aka more travel!


Our major outing of the week was a walking trip through Denton, while we waited for our car to have her 120,000 mile checkup.  We enjoyed taking the rails-to-trails into the downtown, and reading the signs along the way about the historically black neighborhood we were passing through.  One related the radically awesome story of the Denton Christian Women’s Interracial Fellowship.  Although Brown vs the Board of Education had occurred 10 years earlier, in the early 1960s, Denton, TX was still completely segregated.  Wanting to reach across the divide for the sake of their children who would soon be attending the same schools, black and white mothers formed a social group that eventually morphed into a political influence.  The best story was the sit-ins, where one black woman and one white woman would sit together at a restaurant, and refuse to leave until they were served.  These courageous women were a powerful force, and changed the polarized environment of this Southern town.



We loved our visit to Weldon’s Saddle Shop and Western Wear, a family owned cornucopia of everything you need to be a cowboy.  Our favorite parts were the raucously colored boots, and the museum piece saddle that was custom made to look like some sort of longhorn!




And do yourself a favor, should you ever be in these parts: go to Bet the House BBQ.  We loved everything we had!



And for your moment of zen…

No matter how gloomy I feel after a week in a warehouse, I love seeing our furry neighbors behind our house.  According to us, their names are “Dark Brown Horse”, “Light Brown Horse”, and “White Horse”.  I really ought to stop by the owner’s house one day and see if I can have permission to give them a carrot now and then!





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