Week 2 at Amazon: waltzing with oversize Roombas

I felt so proud last year when I announced our first full-time week at Amazon, in which we put in 50 hours.  I guess we’ve hit a new milestone, after putting in our first *55* hour week at the warehouse.  Last year, those long hours felt really hard, but these 5 extra hours are a whole new beast.  Including our commute, we are only at home for 10.5 hours each day, in which we need to have dinner, get ready for the next day, shower, sleep, and eat breakfast.  There’s not much room in our efficiency sized kitchen, but we’re learning to share the 6 square feet so that one person can be packing lunches while the other makes dinner.  The most helpful thing has been the giant cooking session I do before the week starts.  I pretty much make all our meals ahead of time, so that we can just heat them up and go.  It’s a tiring session on the weekend, but it means that we eat nutritious food, even when we’re exhausted from our days.

Work is going pretty well, with both of us learning our jobs without too much effort.  I just can’t help but anthropomorphize those little robots that bring us the shelves, assigning  them personalities and imagining their thoughts.  When they are running properly, they feel like a personal team of elves, scuttling around to keep my work flowing to me.  And when they have a glitch, it seems like I’m dealing with stupid, oversize Roombas.  Sometimes a pod will go a bit wonky, and begin to show up over and over.  When these “Loopers” occur, we have to call a technician to fix the issue. But, sometimes, no one can figure out the issue, and you just have a little friend over and over all day.  I had a particularly tenacious one for a few hours this week, and when it was finally gone for about a half hour, I thought we were through.  In actuality, it had just been cheating on me, and went to see a stower in the interim, returning with a few fresh items.  “Nice try,” I said, “but I can tell it’s still you!”

By design, our weekends have to be a combo of low key for relaxation, and lots of work to get all our chores done for the week.  It’s nice to be in an area with so many restaurants and stores, because we can choose a different route each week to check off our to-do list.  We are now close to a Winco, the best, cheapest grocery store ever, and we can get any kind of cuisine in the world.  Yesterday, we ate at a lovely Thai restaurant, and tried out “the best ice cream in Fort Worth” (which can’t hold a candle to Graeters or Jenis from Columbus!).  We also discovered a public library that allows non-residents to get a card for $25 for 6 months of use.  Considering that most locales only offer cards to residents, this is a tremendous deal!

As for pictures, we’re just not doing much in the photographic sense, so please enjoy our collection of eating photos from the last 2 weeks:

Note: Southerners know how to make veggies sexy

I match the walls!

A rare picture of us together, taken by a realtor we met outside the ice cream store, who quickly realized that we were not in his target marketing bracket.


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