On to the next big, thing…big like Texas!

I’m re-reading Memoirs of a Geisha, and while much of the book follows the heroine through the mysterious and ethereal world of geisha, the first part details Chiyo’s pre-teen years as a maid. And not the genteel sort of maid; the kind that works the whole day at terrible chores like scrubbing floors and hauling water.
And boy, do I feel for that girl after spending our last week at the resort doing deep cleaning and heavy lifting to prepare for winter.  (And we were only putting in partial days due to the harder work!)  Rock Creek Resort is high enough in the mountains that (ideally) there will be 8-10 feet of snow on the ground at some points of a winter.  All that snow means that so much needs to be done that just isn’t necessary in places with more moderate levels of winter precipitation.  We removed railings on the rental cabins so that snow falling off the roof doesn’t push them off, put up shutters on the windows, moved the rental boats inside, and took down the chimney for the grill.
This is also the best time of year for a deep cleaning, so that the resort is ready to go for the busy Memorial Weekend, just a few days after all the crew gets here.  It took us several days just to clean the kitchen, which involves wiping down every single surface, walls and ceilings, inside cabinets, and light fixtures. And scraping the oven racks that saw over 3000 pies this summer. Yikes!  The most scullery maid-esque task was scrubbing the tile floors of the restaurant and store by hand, down on our knees.  The whole resort is sparkling, and our shoulders are glad we’re finished!
We spent Tuesday and Wednesday getting ready to move to our next job in Texas, and decided to keep the cleaning theme going.  Thanks to a summer of cleaning cabins, we have routines down that allow us to clean efficiently and quickly.  The last time we did such a detailed job was shortly after we got the RV, back in 2013.  It was definitely time to do it again!
We headed out on our cross country trip yesterday,  and headed south until we hit Highway 40, which we will take into Texas.  We mostly need to make some miles (about 1500, give or take) but we have some fun planned, too, like spending 2 nights at Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona to enjoy the colors of the painted desert. The strangest thing for us will probably be the weather; it was about 20-40 degrees in the mountains everyday, and as always, single-digit humidity.  Azle, Texas (our destination) just finally dropped down into the 70s or 80s during the day (down from mid-90s), and has high humidity.  Our skin is going to love it, but besides that, I think we’re going to die! 🙂
We had a lovely, albeit too short visit with our friend Mary last week in Lake Tahoe.  The lake really is that clear, and the road around it certainly is a contender for most scenic drive.  We ate at a Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives restaurant in Truckee, CA, hiked up to Castle Rock for fabulous views across the lake, and ate some more.  (Sushi and ice cream, yum!)  Mary is one of those people who is just so comfortable with herself that she makes you feel at ease, too.  We wish we lived closer to her so that we could see her more often!

Atop Castle Rock, overlooking South Lake Tahoe


Self portrait

We really are sad to leave gorgeous Rock Creek Canyon behind for the winter; the beautiful mountains have been the best scenery to see every morning when I woke up.  I took a hike towards the headwall, and realized that I saw 3 seasons pass by, just in the span of a couple months.

This would be our valley on June 9, July 15, and October 21 this year.

Spring is fleeting, summer is brief, and autumn is well on its way to winter, and we can’t wait to come back in May to watch the glorious transition all over again!


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