Amazonian updates and a trip to Tahoe

After so much fussing last week about the problems of details and our upcoming job in Fort Worth, TX, it has all fallen into place quite rapidly.  Just after I posted my blog last week, Amazon contacted us with our start date: Wednesday, October 28, which is just right based on our last day at the resort and the cross country trip we need to take to reposition.  Additionally, the company completed our background check, and accommodated our schedule to get our pre-employment drug screen done.  Save for a tiny little 1500 mile journey to get there, we are ready to go!

This “weekend”, we are visiting with our friend, Mary, in Lake Tahoe.  We got to know her while we all worked at Amazon in Nevada last year, and her cheery spirits and bright smile were high points in an otherwise rather dreary time.  Despite growing up just a couple hours away, she’s never been to Tahoe either, so it’s new to all of us!  She also loves hiking and eating (especially ice cream!), and we always have a great time with her.

Our last week of “real” work at the resort was super hectic, as everyone in California came to our canyon to enjoy gorgeous warm weather, fall colors, and our delicious pie.  No matter how many pies we made, they sold out much faster than we anticipated.  Sunday, the penultimate day for the season, might have been a record, with 30 pies selling out in just 2 hours.

Now we start the more laborious task of shutting down the resort, doing lots of deep cleaning and winterizing all the cabins and outbuildings.  Our last day of work will be this coming Tuesday.  Then, we take a day to prepare, and we launch on Thursday.  We enjoyed our jobs this summer, but we are excited to get on the road again!


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