Ohio visit

I was going to make a snide comment about the weather not cooperating with us when family comes to visit, but in light of the Rough Fire that’s been spewing out smoke for almost 2 months, I’m glad for the rain that greeted my sister and brother in law and finally cleared the skies.  (The Rough Fire was getting really out of hand before the precipitation last week, reaching 140,000 acres, not at all contained, and creating a breathing nightmare as it filled the air with dangerous little particulates. To put that in perspective, my Ohio peeps, that is the same footprint in flames as Columbus, Ohio!)

Even with the sudden arctic blast, we all managed to have an amazingly awesome, albeit very busy couple of days together.  It was so much fun to show Joan and Richard the gorgeous land we live in, which I so frequently refer to as “definitely not Ohio.”  Plus, after not being able to see our own valley in so long, everything looked new and fresh to us, too!

Since I’m the official photographer for the Rayn and JJ show, I generally don’t feature in any snapshots of our adventures.  Joan, on the other hand, is like some Kardashian paparazzi, and captured dozens of digits of my countenance for posterity. And, since I often get asked to put more pictures up of myself, here’s your chance to enjoy my mug. In no particular order, here’s the array of activities we crammed into 2 days.

Hello, may I take your order?

Looking down the valley towards Bishop, CA.

Believe it or not, I had never had Jiffy Pop, a situation we remedied at Joan and Richard’s cabin.

The intrepid hikers are victorious!

Our valley, without smoke, but with a new dusting of snow!

I feel like there’s a picture of Joan out there with her in this exact same pose, except it’s 1979, and she’s leaning on a car and wearing short shorts. Some things never change!

We took the Scenic Gondola ride up Mammoth Mountain to enjoy the 360 views. We thought we were prepared for cold, until we learned that it was 34 degrees with 45 mph winds at the top.

It was insanely windy and cold on the unprotected side of Mammoth mountain, but the views were great, and we enjoyed finding out what snow looks like when it’s deposited at 60 mph.

This trail runs right alongside the creek by our resort, and it’s just right for pre- or post-work strolls.


This “weekend’, we took a get away to go hiking north of Mono Lake, and to enjoy the fall colors that are just starting to develop in the canyons.  We stayed the night in Bridgeport, CA, and we planned to have a wild night of rampant internet use, but instead, we went to bed at 8:30.  I’ll save those pictures for next week…until then!


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