A very busy week

Hoooo-weee! It was a wild weekend for us–“Labor Day” certainly was an apt description for the extremely busy conditions at the Resort.  In addition to the hopping time at work, we also visited the Tri-County Fair in Bishop, and made a mid-week trip to visit friends who were vacationing in our area.  So much going on!

Now, I don’t mean to sound like an Ohio Fair snob, but I guess I am.  The Tri-County Fair was a bit of a let down after all my awesome experiences at places like the Ohio State Fair, and the best little independent fair in the world, the Hartford Fair.  We still had a fantastic time, but I was dismayed to learn that the whole 4-H livestock show and sale is a separate thing out here, so there weren’t any animals to see.  Other major problems included a complete lack of soft-serve ice cream for sale!  We did, however, manage to have a lovely time hanging out with our co-worker, Patty, and did a little bit of everything to enjoy the spectacle of it all.

This, friends, is an Indian Taco, aka: deliciousness on a base of fry bread.

Patty insisted on one ride, and this was the only one that both appealed and had the benefit of a low likelihood of making one throw up.

This is the home of a traveling, performing duo, the Gypsy Time Travelers. It all folds up into a road-worthy vehicle, but here it is in show mode.

We also made a trip up to visit our friends Buddy and Judy, who were staying at a condo in June Lake, just north of us.  We enjoyed delicious fish that Buddy caught himself in recent trips to Mexico and Alaska, and marveled at the wondrously green landscapes that Judy photographed on their travels.

We are beyond bushed from such a whirlwind week, so this will be a short post.  We need to regroup and get prepared for my sister to visit us on Monday, so that we can keep up with her and all her plans to run around the Sierras!


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