And another one’s gone….

While our work crew has been dwindling down over the past month, today is the end of an era, as we lose the last person of the summer-only season. KK is the youngest daugher of the King Family owners, but after growing up within the resort, she’s a true veteran of the business.  Finished with her bachelor’s degree this past spring, she is headed off to Spain to pursue a masters in Spanish.  While we got on really well with all our co-workers, JJ and I have spent so much time with her that we’ve come to see KK as a little sister, and we are truly going to miss her once she leaves.
KK is the kind of person that almost does not seem real, because she has so many lovely qualities, all wrapped up in one human being.  She’s perpetually happy, always singing with a smile on her face.  She’s smart and funny and kind to everyone.  She perfected her pie-baking this summer, and is a pie lady extraordinaire.  A gifted athlete, she recently ran in a super tough footrace up Mammoth Mountain, and among the women, came in second only to Deena Kastor, the Olympic medalist. Plus, she’s just so darn fun to be around.  She brought a light into the kitchen every time she walked in, and it’s going to seem a little darker without her.

Last week, we got together with KK to enjoy the delicious food of Ohanas 395 Hawaiian Food Truck in June Lake.

If you’re into such things, you can get beer at the next door June Lake Brewery.

We are starting to make preparations for leaving, working our way through a list of RV to-dos.  We decided to tackle my least favorite chore first, and get it out of the way.  So, this weekend found us washing and waxing the beast. As always, I hate the process, but love the results.  We don’t have too much more to do, but we want to be sure to get it all finished before the end of the month, so as to avoid any early-season snow.

Those yellow leaves? Harbingers of things to come, and the reason for our haste.

My little worker bee

We do have a couple awesome weekends coming up.  My sister, Joan, and her husband, Richard, will be coming up mid-month, and staying at the resort cabins.  We have a whirlwind itinerary set up, even after I tempered Joan’s original, grandiose ideas.  She’s excited to see and do it all, but I recommended that we plan some time to sleep, too! 🙂  And for later in the month, we booked a stay at an Inn in Bridgeport, CA.  There are several canyons up north that are known for intense yellows as their aspen turn, and they are just a bit too far to include in a day trip.  So, we will work our way through them and then stay at the inn nearby before coming home the next day. And, in the spirit of full disclosure, I should mention that the route also takes us past several ice cream and hamburger joints.  Purely coincidental, of course! 🙂


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