Can’t call me chicken anymore!

After much goading and cajoling from our co-workers, I am pleased to report that we finally got around to our inaugural jump into Rock Creek Lake.  Normally, the weekly jump-in consists of just a handful of folks.  Last week, after work on an uncharacteristically warm day (like, 70!), 11 of us headed over to “enjoy” the water.  There’s two rocks side by side where people jump in. One is completely above the water, and you jump off it into a deep abyss.  The other has a section submerged below the surface so that you are about knee deep, and then you can step in with less abandon.  JJ flung himself in with a graceful dive, and I slithered in off the platform, careful to keep my head above the frigid water.

Our motley crew

The initial shock was pretty intense, but everything went numb from there.  I decided that if I was already in the freezing cold, I would make the most of it, and stay in a bit.  After everyone else jumped in, we swam over to the outlet to try to float inner tubes through the drain pipe.  Steve went first to assess the depth of the water.  There was enough to make it through the tube, but not enough to carry him over the treacherous rocks at the end of the tube.  The flow dumped him squarely onto some painful rocks as he exited the tube, and he called back to us to abort the mission.  We swam back to the entry rocks, starting to squeal with tingling cold, and called it a night.  I’m glad I did it once, but I definitely don’t have any urge to have another go!

Steve comes back across the River Styxx with tales of woe.

We had a horrific storm this past Saturday, which started with hail, and then transitioned into more than an inch of rain, which is practically biblical proportions around here.  The sandy soil just can’t absorb much moisture, and especially not when it’s arriving in a downpour.  Channels started flowing right for the resort and the outbuildings, threathening to flood them.  Folks headed out with shovels and pickaxes to dig culverts and divert the little rivers.  The middle of the storm was a strong thunderstorm that was right overhead.  At one point, I dashed to the bathroom, and just after I flushed, a strike of lighthing hit right on top of us.  At that moment, I saw dancing lines of electricity in the water of the toilet bowl, and my co-worker outside the door saw a huge flash of light coming from under the bathroom door. She screamed the kind of scream you hear in a horror movie, thinking I had just been electrocuted.  I flew our the door, and we looked at each other with white faces, thoroughly freaked out. (My mother always warned me against showering in a thunderstorm….I guess I should cross using the bathroom off the list, too!)  The good news about all this is that we heard the radio weatherman saying that Sierra precipitation totals are up some huge amount, and that we are indeed getting more rain than the area has seen in years.  Maybe this drought is going to turn itself around!
Our weekends are starting to be a bit different.  Earlier in the season, we would head out on long, multi-hour hikes on our days off, and feel refreshed by the activity.  We (along with the whole rest of the crew) are beginning to feel awfully fatigued, as the season goes on and we continue to work hectic shifts with tons of customers.  Last weekend, JJ stayed home to work on some roof maintenance, and I took a short hike up scenic Little Lakes Valley to Ruby Lake.  I enjoyed the sun and scenery more than the walking, and lazed about once I reached the lake.  If we do get out for another hike this “weekend”, it will be a very short one, designed for maximum enjoyment with minimum effort.

Our valley is lovely, no matter how tired you are!

Ruby Lake


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