We survived the 4th!

Misty morning at Rock Creek Lake

While the image above may fill you with a sense of mellow calm, the scene inside our cafe on the morning of July 4 was more a vignette of organized chaos.  At 10:30am, otherwise known as the start of pie-selling time, the line of hungry customers wound through the whole building, and probably counted about 75 people.  The intrepid bakers, Amy and Kristin, had been baking their hearts out since 5:30am, and were armed with an arsenal of 37 pies.  Which lasted all of 2 hours.  The cafe had a banner day, breaking all previous one day sales records.

Summer vacation is officially here, and the resort is much busier, with cabin customers, boat renters, cafe gastronomes, and everyone who needs a little something for their day at the lake. The days are going by in a bit of a blur, as we rush from one activity to the next.  A typical day might start with me waitressing the breakfast rush, and helping in the kitchen in between customers.  There’s always fruit to cut up for pie, and oodles of dishes to do.  I might work cleaning cabins for a few hours, and then return down after lunch to complete the restaurant stock list and man the general store counter.  There’s always tons to do; the question is just where the owners most need immediate help. We have plenty of work, and we keep on the move, just the way we like it.

For those following national news, there’s good news on the California drought front: it’s rained at least once a day, for the last week.  Some days it’s just a sprinkle, while others bring huge downpours.  We are having downright unseasonable temperatures, too, that hardly seem like summer.

I think we may have San Francisco beat in the cold summer category!

All this moisture means that the pine trees are in full bloom, releasing yellow clouds of dust when the wind blows.  Everyone is experiencing allergies, but it sure should be a good year for potential pine trees.

The cute little offenders

Just like last year, when we would have intense heat differences between the mountains and the valleys, coming down to town in the Owens Valley is an exercise in heat management.  We woke up this morning with ice on our windows, and are currently inside, at the Bishop Library, trying to stay cool.

Can’t believe that I’m saying this after being a lifelong Ohioan, but 12% humidity feels really high once you get used to 5%!

As always, we are keeping up with our ice cream consumption, and even tried a little soft serve place both to and from our vacation in Yosemite last week.

Should you ever find yourself in the booming metropolis of Lee Vining, CA, may I recommend a stop at Mono Cone?

In short, all is well, and our jobs are going great.  Provided it isn’t thunderstorming tomorrow, we will head out for a nice long hike, to see the lovely views of our canyon, and to enjoy the glorious wildflowers.


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