A Bobday Ball! (and Spring has sprung!)

I love the English language.  We are so blessed with a conglomeration of options that just don’t exist in other languages, giving us the ability to create so many puns and plays on words by rearranging our sounds.  With an extra level of creativity, JJ’s family has always had a lot of fun incorporating new words that are introduced by the mispronunciation of their wee ones.  So, while I could say that JJ just had a birthday, and we are having a party for him tonight, I could also say it in “Case-ese” and announce his “bobday ball”!

JJ’s actual birthday, May 31, was pretty subdued, because most of our co-workers were away to attend a wedding. Kris and Casey have worked at the resort for several years, and everyone was off to see them get hitched.  Linda and Mike, former employees and friends of the King family, stayed at the resort to help us out with problems, and only the general store was open for the 4 of us to staff.  Today, everyone is back, and we will have burgers, potato wedges, broccoli salad, and JJ’s famous brownies to celebrate.

I’m also so happy to say that the weather has finally improved, and that spring is now here!  We changed more or less overnight to daytime highs in the low 60s, and beautiful cloudless skies.  I can’t believe that guests needed chains on their tires to get up our road just last weekend!  We took advantage of the “heat” on our day off last week, and enjoyed a hike up Little Lakes Valley, which might be the most picturesque of all Sierra hikes.

The trailhead begins just above 10,000 feet, and only goes up another 1000 feet after that. You pass a string of clear alpine lakes surrounded with snowy peaks.

Eensy-meensy cairn.

Ridiculously gorgeous.

We also got to see some friends!  Buddy and Judy, who we first met at the Amazon job, spent the weekend at the campground right next to the resort.  We were able to see them several times, as they stopped in for pie at our cafe, and also for a delicious dinner one night at their house.  It’s been so much fun not just to meet folks on the road, but to be able to catch up with them again, especially in lovely places!

I can’t believe that I again forgot to take a picture of folks while I’m hanging out with them! Here is a re-run of Buddy and Judy from when we visited them in December. They are wonderful people, and the closest thing we have to parents on the road!

Work is going great!  We are getting more comfortable with our duties, and so happy with our decision to work at this resort.  With the lack of tv and cell service, we sometimes feel like we’re in an episode of Little House on the Prairie, where we do lots of manual labor, and find creative ways to entertain ourselves!

Come on down to RCLR, where we will not only sell you your nightcrawlers, but also dump them out to prove they’re alive. (Blech!) 🙂

Our laundry scent? Fresh mountain air!

Yes, you can play in the lake, but there will be consequences. Amy and Kristen bathe stinky Luke.

We are also having a grand time planning our attack on other possible hikes along the canyons of the eastern Sierras.  With about 500 to choose from, our paltry 5 months here just doesn’t seem like enough time to even scratch the surface.


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