Our first 40-hour workweek of the year

Happy Memorial Day!


Despite continued daily snowstorms, we had a very successful week, working a full schedule at Rock Creek Lakes Resort from Thursday thru Monday. We are loving our new jobs, our co-workers, and the folks that run the resort.  It’s exactly the kind of place that we wanted to find–family owned, with a great reputation that draws friendly customers.

Showing a wanton disregard for life and limb, Casey taunts death by exiting the door under the roof glacier.

The weekly schedule is designed to give us the maximum amount of time off on our weekends; we work the early shift on our “Friday”, and the late shift on our “Monday”, so we actually have more like 3 days off at a time.  Now that spring is finally here, we will plan to head out about once a month to go camping and hiking in one of the other beautiful canyons that are so abundant in the eastern Sierras.

The resort is the kind of place where you don’t have just one job title.  With an array of tasks to complete every day, we all have to wear many hats, and be able to quickly switch between them when new jobs need to be done.  That said, our bosses also appreciate the value of training, so JJ and I mostly did the same tasks all week so that we could become mostly proficient before moving on to the next thing.

At lunch, there’s both an indoor and outdoor grill going to meet demand. It was a rough week to be the outdoor grill cook, but Doug and Luke still were smiling.

I worked in the Pie in the Sky Cafe.  Sue, the matriarch of the family, is known for her amazing, completely-made-from scratch pies, and they are the major reason that most folks make the journey up the canyon.  The first thing I learned was how to take orders and ring up totals at the register.  It was a bit intimidating, with a line of 50 people at times over the busy holiday weekend.  I know I will get faster, but for now I’m awfully slow, because we take the orders down on a pad of paper, and enter each item amount into the register to get the total.  The other main job is waitressing the 7-person lunch counter, where customers can sit down and get personal attention while dining on lovely china.  While I’ve done customer service my whole life, I had never done food service before.  I’m glad to say that I’m doing well….it’s kind of like having people over for dinner at your house, except you don’t know them, and they might leave you a tip! 🙂

JJ worked in the store, where we sell a little bit of everything.  We have sodas and beer, basic groceries and snacks, fishing gear and souvenirs.  We also sell showers, propane, and firewood, and the store person is the official greeter for everyone who walks in the door.  It’s an information-heavy position, and you need to know about the area to help folks from out of town.  On Monday, our weekend cabin customers checked out, and JJ worked as part of a small crew to clean the units from top to bottom, so they’re ready for the next check-ins.

Our favorite part of the workplace is our co-workers.  For a change, we are the older folks, with most of the crew around college age.  Our colleagues are high energy folks who like to get outdoors and work out. I’m not up to full-fledged workouts yet, but we proposed a plan to get in some activity.  Every day, someone chooses an exercise, and we each decide how many reps we will fit in before dinner.  Inevitably, this leads to a mad dash right before we eat, with several folks trying to fit in their quotas.

JJ and Oriol on squat day; Luke and Oriol on dip day. (Oriol is kind of an overachiever and makes the rest of us look bad!) 🙂

By the end of each workday, we were happy to just eat dinner, shower, and do a bit of reading before heading to bed, so I didn’t take many pictures.  Today we spent the day in Bishop to get a small RV repair done, and luxuriated in 80 degree temperatures.  Tomorrow, the weather report is incredibly promising, and we will head out for a hike in the hopefully-not-too-snowy mountains.  The blue skies and snowy mountains are quite stunning, and I look forward to lots of scenic vistas.






2 thoughts on “Our first 40-hour workweek of the year

  1. Rayn ‘n’ JJ, your jobs sound like what our were last summer at Red Stone Cabins near Bryce Natl Park. It was fun, but we were on call 24 hours a day. Hope you aren’t. Sorry about the snow. We’ve been doing 60’s in the day, but today it’s getting up to upper 70’s – low 80’s. So maybe summer’s almost here at least. Enjoy your trips to and from.

    • 1 of the things that we really like about this job is the fact that once we are finished with our shift we are finished with our day! It’s a major change from our last summer job where we were also on call 24 hour today!

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