Settling in to the Arctic Tundra

Just a quick update… we are still not dead!  But, sometimes we wish we were, because it is so darn cold!  It has snowed every day since Thursday, and we are anxiously awaiting Saturday, when it is supposed to be warm enough….to start raining.

The weather forecasts for next week look pretty promising, with very little precipitation, and highs in the 50s, which is enough for some of the crew to start up the annual Polar Bear Club.  If you are so inclined, you can meet these crazy folk at 5:30 am every Wednesday morning to jump into Rock Creek Lake!

The one nice thing about the weather is that it really is lovely when it snows.  It looks like an old-fashioned Christmas card with all the pine trees bedecked with white.

While I was busy grumping about the cold, JJ took some amazing photos.

I guess this one looks like a more modern Christmas card…

While we hate the cold aspect of living at high altitude, there are a couple really positive attributes, too.  One is Frito-Lay casualties.  See, chip bags need to be packed in a special high altitude gas, or they will explode as they come up the mountain.  The resort reminds the snack company about this when we place orders, but sometimes they forget, and chaos ensues.  The crew gets to eat any dead soldiers, and the resort gets credited for the charges.  Score!

Also, we feel like we are getting an amazing workout every single day.  Chores like raking and moving wheelbarrows become a Crossfit event, no matter how slow we move.  We assume that we will have superhuman cardiovascular abilities by the end of the season!

Our regular days off will be Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  I hope to have warmer news by next week!



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