Dispatches from the land that spring forgot

I’m sorry for my uncharacteristic lengthy absence from the interwebs!  We headed up to our new job this past Monday, and it’s been a very busy but data-less time.  I usually write these posts at my leisure, dawdling over coffee while JJ sleeps, but I had to rearrange my modus operandi today in light of the fact that we only have internet when we drive at least 9 miles down the canyon.

Our trip up to 10,000 feet was slow but uneventful.  Amy, our new boss, was on hand to greet us and give us a grand tour of the property.  Her folks have run Rock Creek Lakes Resort for the last 30 years, and Amy and her boyfriend, Steve, are in the process of taking over the daily operations.  The property has been a high Sierra destination for an awfully long time, and has a delightful old-timey quality about it.

We had already seen the general store and lunch counter when we visited in October, but the huge employee kitchen, living room, and bathroom were new to us.  We couldn’t be more excited about having things like a microwave and dishwasher at our disposal for the summer!

While altitude sickness affects a lot of folks who venture up so far, we felt great when we woke up the next morning, so we started working right away.  The first order of business is opening up the 11 rental cabins that have been closed up since October.  Vacuumed head to toe, polished with Murphy’s Oil Soap, and windows shined, they started to look like cozy little retreats.  Next week, we will complete the tasks that make them a home, like making beds and cleaning the bathrooms and bedrooms.

Cute little cabins!

There’s also tons of outdoor work to be done, like raking up the approximately 10 bazillion pine cones from the fir trees.  We worked on that task one day, and then the snow started.  Now, don’t get me wrong here, the Sierras, and all of California for that matter, are in a terrible drought, and I’m not begrudging some much-need precipitation.  I would, however, like to request that it be sent in the form of rain, rather than snow, and that the temperatures try a little harder to get out of the 30s every day.

This is the first time the RV has had icicles!

Spring at 2 miles up.

Returning back to work has not been rough on us, but the return to winter weather has really been a shock to the system.  I find it so hard to feel peppy when it looks like Christmas outside!  We got about 5 inches on Thursday, and flurries all day yesterday.  I was so demoralized to check the weather and see that we have a pretty good chance of more snow every day for the next week.  It was great to come down to the city of Bishop today, and enjoy the summer-like temperatures for an afternoon.

The best part of the job so far is our co-workers.  Besides JJ and me, there’s just one other new person starting this year, and the rest of the crew are seasoned returners.  The King family owners (Dad, Jim and Mom, Sue, and daughters, Amy and Kristen) are gracious, friendly folks who made us feel welcome immediately.  The other staff members are old friends after several seasons working together, and so much fun to be around.  Dinners are often a shared task, with everyone working together to make a contribution.  And after we eat, the dinner table turns into a space for board games or hilarious conversation.  After months of spending so much time together, JJ and I are really enjoying being part of a community.

And although we’ve been too busy working and socializing to go anywhere, we do enjoy the views over nearby Rock Creek Lake.



9 thoughts on “Dispatches from the land that spring forgot

  1. Glad you two have landed and are getting busy. Still hoping to make a trip up that way this summer. Lots of hugs from the land that rain forgot……….Palm Springs that is.


    • If there is any way to send some of the snow your way, I would gladly do it! I really hope that you’re able to come and visit us this summer! It would be great to see you.

  2. Rayn, sorry about the snow. We’re in Medora, ND and it was spring when we got here. However, there’s supposed to be (temporary) snow headed near here soon. Hasn’t been spring since last week! Sorry you guys are having to put up with the snow and the icicles, but glad that you’re having fun in your (wanna-be) summer job. Stay warm!

    • I’m hoping that things will warm up by July! I guess we both picked bad spots to work on our tans! I’d like to know how your new job is going…blog post, please!

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