Summer Job 2.0!

Prescript: Over the last week, we have been hiking.  And hiking and hiking.  And as I looked over pictures to include with this post, I realized that they kind of all look the same!  You know, snow-capped peaks and clear alpine lakes.  🙂  Sorry for the scenic redundancy that I will include just for fun, and I will instead talk about something non-vista-y!

The Sierra Nevadas have been quite moody lately.  When we visited last fall, every day was clear and glorious.  But now, the range is still in the grips of winter weather, just interspersed with warmer days.  Most mornings dawn with blue skies, but most afternoons bring dark clouds, and usually snow.

Frankly, that pattern has mirrored our feelings lately.  We have been in a holding pattern for about a week, waiting to hear about our start date for our job.  With the combination of excitement and trepidation about a new, unknown venture, we’ve been vacillating between upbeat and concerned.  There’s so many unknowns when we head to a new job. When we’re calm and rested, we mostly see the possible adventures ahead, and when we’re tired or cranky, we tend to expect the worst. Of course, it’s all conjecture until we actually get into the situation, but we have pretty high hopes for this gig.

We will be working at Rock Creek Lakes Resort, which we found as we passed through this area on our way to our fall job last year.  It’s an old-school, family owned place, with 10 rental cabins, a general store, lunch counter, and boat rentals.  It has been owned by the same family for 30 years, and the parents are in the process of turning operations over to their daughter, who is close to our age. We were impressed that employees tend to return year after year, and also that the resort provides so many amenities to their staff (not just a free site to live, but also free food and laundry facilities, and an employee kitchen and bathhouse!)  We mostly loved the way we felt when we were there; the people were engaged and passionate about what they were doing, and it made us want to be a part of it.  It’s also at a picture perfect location, 10,000 feet high at the top of a canyon, with miles of hiking trails that lead into the John Muir Wilderness.

There’s just a few points that worry us.  First is the altitude, and the weather that comes with it.  Summer in the high Sierra is a fleeting moment, largely seen just between July and August.  Snow comes in any month, and temperatures are never very high.  (Last year, the high at the resort for the entire 12 months was 75!)  In fact, we are expecting up to 6 inches of snow in the mountains tomorrow and Friday, and more could hit over the next couple weeks.

The other concern is kind of like “RV People’s Problems”, and I would call it “Tech People’s Problems”.  We will be high enough that we won’t have cell service or internet.  There is a pay phone outside the resort for calling out, and we are allowed to receive quick calls on the business line if someone needs to get in touch right now.  But, if we want to enjoy the land of connectivity, we will need to head about 8 miles down the canyon, where the Verizon signal starts to penetrate the wilderness. 15 years ago, this would have been no hardship at all; and now, I can’t remember how I lived without the glories of the interwebs.  I know that I overuse social media, especially when I’m bored, so it will probably be very good to do without most of the time.  And I do realize that I’m complaining about not having internet in one of the world’s most beautiful, serene places–no better place to unplug!

Yesterday, we finally got our start date!  Water and power are being turned on at the resort this week, and we will head up the mountain on Saturday.  We will have Sunday to acclimatize, and then start training on Monday.  So, in the very near future, we will probably be quite slow to respond to online correspondence, but we will have a real address for the first time in about 5 months.  There will be a steady stream of Amazon deliveries as we order things we need, and maybe even a postcard from you, showing us your fabulous summer vacation. 🙂



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