Week in the wild, wild west

We had an awfully busy couple of weeks while my folks visited, so we purposely planned a week of mostly downtime to settle back down from the excitement.  We moved just 50 miles north, to an RV park in Benson, AZ.  Thanks to our membership with the Escapees RV Club, we are enjoying a week of full hookups at the Saguaro Co-op for the unprecedented rate of $50.  The trouble is, there’s just too dang much to do in this area, and we’ve still been running around a lot!  Thankfully, the RV park backs up to acres and acres of land for hiking, daydreaming, and mountain viewing.

Hiking trails with very unique rock formations!

We are also right in the back yard of famous boomtown cities forged in the frontier days of the west.  We spent a day dodging outlaws in Tombstone with our friends Charley and Katie, who we met while working at Amazon.  It was great to be able to have a meal with them where we weren’t shoving food in our mouths over a 20 minute lunch!

Charley and Katie Dickson– two of the nicest people you will ever meet!

Nice, yes; but don’t cross her! She was pretty deadly with that 6 shooter!

We also visited Bisbee, a picturesque town where fortunes were made on copper, gold, and silver.  For a brief moment in the early 1900s, it was the largest city in Arizona, and the biggest one between St. Louis and San Francisco.  Set deep in the Mule Mountains, downtown Bisbee was built in a pre-car era, so it’s quite walkable, albeit very hilly.  Thanks to an influx of hippies and artists, its lovely Victorian architecture remains, and it has a thriving culture of galleries, restaurants, and events.  It’s also the stage for the Bisbee 1000, 4.5 mile-ish foot race that winds through the town and heads up 9 of the long staircases that lead from the main street at the bottom of the canyon to the residential areas above.  We grabbed a map and followed the route, entranced by the sights.

I believe these are the kinds of stairs that art teachers use to illustrate the concept of drawing “infinity”

Bisbee is also know for an abundance of street art

Lots of commercial real estate available, too! (As long as you don’t need a parking lot!)

Streets for people with very strong quads!

Hills of many colors

As you may have guessed from my gushing, we really like Bisbee.  Really, really liked it.  Folks keep asking us if we’ve seen any place where we might like to settle down one day, and thus far, Bisbee is the first place where I could see myself living in the future.  Not anytime soon, mind you, but the town was called a “best place to retire” by AARP, so we’ll put it on the list of possibilities.

But that’s not all for our “relaxing week!”  We also learned that our friends Dave and Diane were staying in the same park as us, so we proposed a Rayn and JJ style outing.  We went to Mi Casa Mexican, where a husband and wife team create the best enchiladas I’ve ever had.  And then, Benson Ice Cream Shoppe!

Dave shows the banana split no mercy.

We also attended an RV Club Rally held by the aforementioned Escapees.  We’re not usually rally types of people, but this national even was being held just 30 miles away, had one day of free entry, and featured seminars held by our favorite RV bloggers.  We liked the educational seminars, but the rest of the rally was just not for us.  When the club was formed in 1978, 40% of the members were under age 50.  Now, the rolls have aged, and 85% of the club is age 65+!  We are excited about the roll out of a club within a club, specifically targeted towards full time RVers who are still working.  The Xscapers will be much less formal, with most content existing only online, and with smaller get-togethers that are planned through social media.  As we move through the RVing world, we’ve met very few younger folks, so we’re looking forward to a better way to find and interface with them!

I am, however, super glad that we attended the talent show held at the rally.  It was Charley’s big debut, and he got a standing ovation with his polished and emotional rendition of Arthur Sullivan’s “The Lost Chord” played on an accordion!

Charley on the Jumbotron!

In addition to all that excitement, we had a mobile service out to fix a propane leak, worked on taxes, and did a few home repair projects.  Relaxing week indeed!


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