Piddler on the roof

If there is an award out there for “most RV work done with the least amount of bitching”, I would like to nominate JJ for tackling our roof leaf.  When our ceiling started dripping during a 3 day rainstorm, we knew that a large metal panel on the roof was to blame.  It was an add-on that formed a base for a satellite dish we got rid of, and the caulking around it just wasn’t sturdy enough to deal with several days of moisture.  The first step in the project was the most onerous: remove all the old caulk.  (I called our RV manufacturer to ask about removal tips, and the guy laughed and said that’s it all elbow grease and sweat, no tricks.  He was in the middle of a roof redo for another customer, and the bill would come out to about $3000.  Only $200 of that was for materials, and the rest for the backbreaking labor.)

Because he didn’t know quite what he was doing at first, I took to calling him “Piddler on the Roof.”

JJ spent the entire last week up on the roof, armed only with a putty knife.  And when I say a whole week, I don’t mean an hour or two a day, I mean a solid 6 hours a day!  On the upside, he has a nice tan now, but on the downside, it’s a farmer tan!  We were hoping that the whole panel would come off so we could just cover the screw holes left behind, but it had some sort of adhesive under it.  We did get off a top layer that weighs about 20 pounds that we can sell for scrap.  After removing that, JJ had to seal around all the edges and down each seam.  While he was working, he noticed that most every vent up there will need redone soon, which he will work on after recovering from this first round!




Besides that beast of a project, we had to keep working on all the other things we’re here to do!  In honor of the fact that it is spring here, I did a deep cleaning all over, digging out the year of desert dirt from its hiding places.  We also had medical appointments, bloodwork done, renewed passports, and went to Home Depot way too many times.  (Home improvement truism: no one has ever gotten everything they needed in just one trip!)  Even with a month to get it all done, we’re feeling a little overwhelmed with our to-do list.

Thankfully, we’ve done some fun things, too.  We went to the First Friday Art Walk in downtown Phoenix, which was more like a huge street festival.  My favorite part was getting to see the Phoenix Art Museum for free, and an installation that reminded me of a scene from “The Night Circus”.

We went to the Musical Instrument Museum to attend a Carnival celebration.  Our friend, Jen, from Tucson, performs with an amazing troupe that does circus and fire theatre.  Several members of Flam Chen did a stiltwalking performance that was entertaining and breathtakingly acrobatic.

We also went to an open mic with Trey to see his friend, Mechelle, perform.

Trey and Denise.

Mechelle rocking it out!

We may have also indulged our new taste for shaved snow!

No matter what we’re doing, we’re appreciating the weather….maybe a bit too much.  Average highs for this time of year are upper 60s; we’ve been in the 80s most days, with 86 expected for Saturday.  We like it warm, but not so hot that we cook the cat!  It does make for some lovely plant/sky pictures.


Palo verde

This is my kind of treelawn: oranges, ocotillo, and saguaro




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