Getting things done and enjoying the sun

Growing up, my family had a rule about language that was pretty simple: if you were caught saying “shut up”, that meant you didn’t get dessert that night.  If that edict is still in effect, my reckoning is that my father does not get dessert for approximately the next month.  See, we talk about every other day, and either he asks, or I can’t help but mention the weather here.  And frankly, it’s glorious!  Highs in the 60s or 70s, lows in the 50s, and more sun that you can shake a stick at.  Warm enough to lay out, and run around in shorts and t-shirts.  Considering that my dad is suffering through a typical Ohio suck-fest winter, I can’t blame him for uttering the banned phrase when he hears how good we have it!

As we expected, Phoenix, AZ is a great place for getting lots of things crossed off our to-do list.  While I love being in the wide open desert, it’s awfully difficult to do things like wash the RV or visit city offices from the boonies.  It’s also awesome to now have access to unlimited power and water after weeks where we had to conserve rigorously.  Because we’re only here a month before we’re off the grid again, we are focusing on powering through our chores.  On the upside, we are also in the middle of a ton of great hiking, food, and shopping, and in the same city as our good friend, Trey.  AKA: it’s not all work!  (And thank goodness, because that would make for a mind-numbingly boring blog!)

Phoenix is primarily flat, with small little peaks dotting the landscape inside the city limits, and larger ranges on the outskirts of the city.  This is the best of all worlds, because it means the city is laid out on a perfect grid pattern that is super easy to navigate, but there are also endless hiking options nearby.

We visited the gigantic Papago Park, and enjoyed the warm colors of the red sandstone formations.

Interesting fact about this park: it housed POWs during WWII. In 1944, about 25 prisoners escaped, only to voluntarily return when they experienced the harsh realities of life in the desert!

For a more remote experience, we headed east to the Superstition Mountains to hike Peralta Trail.  The landscape was reminiscent of the Grand Canyon, just on a smaller scale.

After a year of wanting one, I finally got a lumbar pack. I love it!

The apex of the trail: overlook of Weaver’s Needle

It’s been so nice to be able to see Trey.  We’ve lived on opposite side of the US for almost a decade, so visits have been few and far between.  We’ve already seen him a couple times, and have lots more adventures coming up.

With Trey and his dogs at the dog park.

Food excitement has also been swell, with us focusing on ice cream.  We found a shop that is very much like our favorite Jeni’s in Columbus, OH, and discovered snow ice, a Taiwanese marriage of shaved ice and ice cream.

Sundaes from Churn. The toasted marshmallow on the left was particularly delectable.

Taro and Coconut snow topped with boba and mochi.

And lest you think it’s one big party, I’ll admit we’ve had some trials, too.  During a very abnormal 3 day rainstorm, we discovered we have a hole in the roof that we need to repair, I had a second go-around with Montezuma’s revenge less than 5 weeks after the last bout, and we had to get a chip repaired in the windshield.  We’re just thankful these things chose to pop up when we have time to deal with them!  (Truly, I am the optimist who runs around the room full of manure shouting “there must be a pony in here somewhere!”)

Join us next time for tales of roof repair, stilt walkers at a Carnival celebration, and hopefully more ice cream if my tummy cooperates!





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